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Various natural stones are available in India, like – sandstone, granite, marble, travertine, slate, etc. Stone should be chosen based on the area and its usage. There are many natural stone company in India that exports the products made of natural stone.


Limestones are harder than sandstones. It is more brittle but is used as sandstone. Polished finish and natural finish exterior are recommended in flooring. Cladding could be polished or natural. Natural stone exporter recommends the use of limestone in benches, natural steps, etc. because it is smooth. It is also available in tiles. Lime black, lime grey, lime yellow are few names.


It is a type of limestone. It gives a charismatic look to the floors and walls. It is a very smooth stone. It is also available in brushed and polished finish. It is available in gangsaw size slabs and tiles. Rainforest Green is a marble that has a finish of classic brushed antique. Natural stone company in India manufactures many marble products as it has huge demand in India. Wide variety of marble is available in India. Jaisalmer Yellow, Rainforest Brown, Root Yellow are some of the popular marble names.


Granites are very hard. These are used in interiors and exteriors. It is available in gangsaw slabs and tiles. It has variety of finishes like – polished, brushed, honed, leather, etc. Natural stone exporter exports some popular granites, like – Black Galaxy, Copper Silk, Imperial Red, Ruby Red, Kashmir White, etc.

Slate Stone:

The softest stones are Slate Stones. It can be easily pealed out with normal pressure. Natural stone company in India recommends it in low activity floors with sealing and wall cladding. These are available in tumbled, natural and polished finish. It looks best in natural finish. It is available in small slab size and tile. Natural stone exporter exports some popular slate stones like – Jack Black, Jack Multicolor, Indian Autumn, Madras Multi, etc.

Quartzite Stone:

It has quartz particles in it which makes it harder than slate. Natural stone company in India recommends using it in flooring, interior cladding and tabletops. It is available in polished, brushed, tumbled and natural finish. Different finish gives different but beautiful look. It is available in tile and small slab size. Natural stone exporter exports some popular quartzite stones like – Silver Shine, Green Gold, Ocean Green, Himachal Black, Zeera Green, etc.

Travertine Stone:

It gives a royal and antique look to the walls at offices and homes because it is a soft stone. It is available in various sizes.

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