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How to Make this Diwali Special with Natural Stone Designer Urlis?

How to Make this Diwali Special with Natural Stone Designer Urlis?

Diwali, the festival of lights is around the corner and most of us are preparing day and night to celebrate it with the religious fervent and zeal as an integral part of our culture. Usually observed as the festival of fire and light, there are numerous modern décor trends which are now popular among the followers of the Sanatani sect. One such trend that has been made extremely popular by Stonemart™ in the recent times is the inclusion of natural stone urlis in the Diwali decoration arrangement and set-ups. 

The stone urlis from a global brand like Stonemart are so popular nowadays that the most acclaimed architects and interior designers in India include the product in their top 10 Diwali décor ideas for indoor and outdoor. It will make the grand arrangements more spectacular and memorable. The term uruli has been derived from the Tamil word urulai meaning a round bowl. 

Traditionally, used to prepare Ayurvedic medicine as well as for the purpose of cooking, mainly in the parts of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Gradually, due to cultural exchanges and wider acceptance, people in various other parts of India as well as overseas have started using urlis due to their auspicious nature and traditional beauty and touch of the place. 

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Where can the Uruli be Placed During Deepawali? 

Whether we are looking at the décor aesthetics or Vastu benefits, the selection of the right place for urli placement is imperative to receive absolute benefits. It is preferable to always keep the urulis in the areas from where they can be easily spotted. The following are some of the recommended spots suggested by the décor experts

  • During Diwali, place the uruli in front of Lakshmi and Ganesha statues during the pooja ceremony. Light a diya of ghee in the floating water and decorate it with Lotus and Marigold (Genda) that are favorite to goddess Lakshmi and lord Ganesh respectively. 
  • Place the urli before the main entrance door. Please make sure that there is a bit of distance between the two so that the people entering inside do not tumble upon it. 
  • Place the urli filled with flowers and floating diyas or candles at the center of the living room; especially during the arrival and interaction with friends, relatives and guests. 
  • Make it a part of your interior décor aesthetics and place it on a console table, stone pedestal, a stand or directly on the floor depending on its weight, size and the area it occupies. 
  • Apart from the above mentioned areas, The urli can be placed in the garden, balcony as well as the porch and light it up with a floating diya or candle to mesmerize the surroundings during the dusk and festive night hours. Also providing another source of fire for the kids to light up the crackers:)

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Which Directions are Perfect for Urli Placement?

For a brief and quick understanding of all the directions that are deemed auspicious, let us have a glimpse of the Vastu placement options table below- 

Urli Placement Area Right Vastu Direction
Home Entrance Right side of the entrance
Living Room At the center or southeast corner
Console Table, Pedestal or Stand Northeast corner or Ishan corner 
Urlis with Blue or Green Colored Flowers North or Northeast corner
Urlis with Yellow Flowers Southwest corner

Hope the above mentioned information would help you answer “where to place my urli at home?” So this festive season, do Diwali shopping online for the premium set of urlis from Stonemart that can help you achieve both home and garden décor and auspicious festive moments to cherish for the lifetime. Wishing you a Shubh Deepawali!!