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Whether it is the beginning of a new work or entering a newly purchased home, the placement of the right Ganesh statue is the most auspicious deed that a person can ever perform. The actual problem faced by a person is to determine which kind of Ganesh statue is most suited for home? It is advisable to a person seeking peace, prosperity and good health should consider the placement of a white Ganesh statue at home. Besides, for the people aspiring for self-growth should bring home a vermilion-coloured statue of the lord Ganesha. Both these forms of natural stone Ganesh idols are an auspicious addition to any home as per the Vaastu.

Occasionally, most of us simply go by the tradition and install the god dedicated to the removal of obstacles without precisely understanding where and how to place the same. There are certain manageable rules of Vaastu that would not only help you to remove all kinds of obstacles, but also attract good health and prosperity to your home.

Some of the Best Ways to Decide Which Natural Stone Ganesh Idol is an Ideal Choice for you

The Significance of the Ganesha Trunk: In case you are planning to install a statue of the lord at the home or at the office, then it is recommended to go for the left side trunk Ganesh statue. It is the calmest and coolest form of Ganesh mudra, delivering positivity, peace and serenity to the abode. In case you decide to with a right-sided trunk Ganesh statue, then also it is not a big fuss at all. All you are required to do is conduct certain rituals and ceremonies beforehand to make the blessings of the statue work in your favour. Yes, a right-sided trunk Ganesh statue is known to exhibit a fierier presence, but it is also a form of the lord known to offer quick results. 

In case you have decided to bring a Ganesha statue for home with a completely straight trunk, then the good news is that it is a unique mudra with a positive impact on the mental health of kids within the family. In case the trunk is moving straight up in the air, then it is considered to be more favourable and auspicious.

The Significance of the Colour of Ganesh Murti: When you order a black Ganapati statue for your home, then you are bringing in the superiority and strength of the divinity. If your aim is to explore good energy, harmony, and success in the life, then ordering a white Ganapati statue for home is worth recommendation. For the individuals aiming for self-growth, a vermilion-coloured Ganapati can answer all your aspirations and desires.  

Indeed, one needs to keep in mind that it is always best to place a natural stone idol of the lord to attract positivity and growth, instead of ordering a cheap quality wooden, plastic, ceramic or resin statue.

Posture Significance of Ganapati Idol: As per the Vaastu experts, a Ganesh statue in sitting posture is an ideal choice to invoke positive energy and peaceful atmosphere. The placement of the lord in his sitting posture within the boundary walls of the home is known for inviting the calm and gentle aspects of life. If your priority is to invite luxury and comfort to the life, then we advise to bring a natural stone reclining Ganesha for home.

Minor Detailing that Plays a Major Role: While installing the statue of Ganesha at your home, there are certain minor details presented on the idol. The vehicle of lord Ganesha is a rat. He directs the followers to put a leash on our big egos, as well as travelling on the path of righteousness in life. We are taught to become humbler and persistently work with zeal to attain our purposes. The Prasadam that the lord holds in his hand implies material, opulence, and strength. It is not considered to be an integral part of the lord’s body yet plays a pivotal role to his prayer.

The Direction of Placing the Ganesh Statue in Our House: It is recommended to place the Ganesha Statue facing to the north direction, as this is the direction where Lord Shiva dwells and considered with extreme reverence. Vaastu experts suggest that north, west as well as north-east directions are precise to place the idol of Ganesha. Additionally, one needs to ensure that the back side of the Ganpati statue is fronting towards the main entrance of the home.

Where Should One Not Place the Ganesha Statue at Home?

When you are purchasing Ganesh stone statue for home, there are certain precautions that you are required to keep in mind regarding where not to place the statue of the lord in your home. Please keep in mind the following points while deciding the placement of the idol at your home –

  • Avoid the placement of the statue underneath the staircases of your home.
  • It is recommended not to keep the statue in garage or storerooms of your home, as these sections of the home are generally considered to be vacant and known to obstruct the routes of positive energies.
  • It is suggestive to keep only one statue of Ganesh at home, as additional statues are not recommended at home as per the standard Vaastu guidelines.
  • It is strongly advisable not to keep any Godly figure in a place like lavatory or bathroom.
  • Besides, do not keep the idol in laundry spaces and bedrooms.
  • Wherever you are installing the statue at home, the place must not be untidy or messed up.
  • While installing the statue of lord Ganesha, it is always advisable to conduct proper puja vidhis, so that all the beliefs attached to it can duly be taken care of.

Apart from that, it is essential to note that the correct direction and placement of the natural stone idol is indeed important. But what is even more important is the faith in God and the inner strength of the prayer that matter the most.

Why your Next Stone Carved Ganesh Statue from an Authentic Online Store Matters a Lot?

Lord Ganesha is widely acknowledged and worshipped as the beacon of wisdom and auspiciousness. The best part is that each and every part of his idol has its own importance. A soul that has an in-depth understanding of the lord interprets the symbolism of Ganesha and it performs a pivotal role in the successful establishment of the idol. As per the scriptures in Hinduism, the lord is hailed as ‘Ajam Nirvikalpam Niraakaaram Ekam’. The term symbolizes that he is Ajam (which is unborn), Nirvikalpa (which is attributeless), and he is also Nirakara (which is formless). Ganesha is a universal form of energy from which everything eventually manifests and into which everything eventually comes to an end.

The statue symbolises –

  • A BIG HEAD to think big
  • LARGE EARS to listen more
  • SMALL MOUTH to speak less
  • SMALL EYES to concentrate more
  • ONE TUSK to persevere for the good and discard out the bad
  • LONG TRUNK to symbolise strength and manoeuvrability
  • BLESSING POSTURE OF THE HAND to bless and protect the worshippers
  • A BIG BELLY to peacefully digest everything good and bad taking place in life

Whether you are ordering sitting Ganesh statues or the statues of the lord in his dancing form, it is imperative to get it in its original quality from an original supplier online. A natural stone Ganesha statue is of the purest form because it is excavated naturally and formed into the Hindu god statue through the man-made masterwork of the gifted sculptors. All the kinds of statues made from different other materials are considered to be impure in terms of composition of the substance, and that is why not recommended.

It is always advisable to never go for cheap imports from the unreliable sources and only get in touch with an online store with an undisputed goodwill in the market. We suggest you to visit Stonemart and see how the most trusted professionals can advise you the most apt Ganesh statue for sale as per the requirements put forth. Visit now, and get your orders fulfilled at the prices that you count upon without a blink of hesitation.