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Best Tips for Locating a Natural Stone Birdbath Near a Birdhouse

Best Tips for Locating a Natural Stone Birdbath Near a Birdhouse

Bird houses are some of the best ways to entice the birds to your vicinity, especially to the garden or backyard. The presence of bird houses assure that there is a safe haven for the birds to have a comfortable place to nest. Being the owner of the property, you will always have the privilege to watch the behavior of different species of birds as closely as you can. But if you wish to attract the attention of the birds to your property, then it is essential that you offer them more than merely a place to nest. It is important for the birds to have an adequate source of water near the birdhouse. 

Why Placing a Birdbath Near the Birdhouse is Important?

Water is imperative for every living being, and birds are also not an exception to the same. They require the water for drinking, bathing as well as preening. That is why, birds prefer to dwell in the areas that are closer to a water body. Birdbaths are important, especially during scorching summer heat. Besides, their presence also enhance your garden decor aesthetics by attracting butterflies and other small wildlife to your garden.  

But the location of the birdbath is extremely important. Here, we are going to discuss with you some of the best tips for garden birdbath that you should follow while locating your birdbath. Let us look at them one by one - 

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Choose a Spot that is Visible:

The visibility of your natural stone birdbath is one of the most important aspects. Choose an area that can be clearly visible from the sky or from the branches of the trees. Besides, its visibility from the birdhouse, it should also be clearly visible from your own house as well as from the area where you prefer to spend your outdoors. 

Choose a Spot that is Safe:

The placement of the birdbath should be at one such spot where the birds can feel safe to bathe, drink and flock around. The spot should not be accessible to potential predators like cats, dogs and squirrels.

Choose a Spot that is Shady:

Birds prefer to drink and plunge in a shaded area. So, prefer a spot for your stone birdbath that is shaded at least for the part of the day. It will also keep the water cool and also prevent the growth of algae in it. 

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Choose a Spot that is Flat and Stable:

Always prefer an area that offers a flat and stable surface. It is important whether you are going for a stone birdbath with pillar or an urli birdbath, it should not shift or tip over when the birds land on their edges. 

So, if you already have a birdhouse or planning to have one, a natural stone birdbath is an essential addition to your garden, balcony or backyard. It will be an essential source of water for your birds as well as add beauty to your landscaping decor. Additionally, you can go with a stone bird feeder along to properly feed the birds while they spend their time at your property.