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Is it OK to Have a Buddha Statue in the Garden?

Is it OK to Have a Buddha Statue in the Garden?

The concept of garden decor is not as simple as it appears from the surface. If you are redefining your garden landscaping decor with planned aesthetics, then it is pivotal for you to realize well in advance what is perfect for your garden and what is not. Well, for most of the people, garden is their recreational point of escape from their daily hustle and bustle. They can provide it a desired shape as per their own themes and convenience and incorporate the decor products and accessories that are perfectly suited for garden landscape decor. 

Some of the most popular garden decor products that are used for the construction of the garden include - 

  • water fountains
  • stone birdbaths
  • stone sculptures
  • stone urlis
  • stone lanterns
  • stepping stones
  • natural rock monoliths
  • natural stone gazebos
  • natural stone sittings and stone benches 

But when you prefer to add an ounce of spirituality, peace and harmony to your garden set-up, then the presence of a stone Buddha statue in the garden becomes inevitable. Now, some people might wonder does this truly make sense to add a Buddha sculpture to their garden, backyard or balcony. After all, most of us normally conceptualize the installation of the Buddha statue indoors. But that is not completely true...

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So, is it OK to have a Buddha Statue in the Garden?

Well, the answer is absolutely YES! There are special kinds of Buddha statues that are symbolic to spiritual rebirth and expansion. It is imperative for us to realize well in advance which type of Buddha statue suitable for garden. So, if you have a considerable size of the garden and wish to place a Buddha idol there, then it would only amplify positivity across the vicinity and nothing else. 

Where to Place a Buddha Statue in the Garden? 

The meditating Buddha statue is deemed to be the best one for the garden. Additionally, you can keep Sarnath Buddha statue, Bhumisparsha Buddha statue, Dharmachakra Buddha statue and Vitarka Mudra Buddha statue are also considered good for your garden as the Buddha also taught the ‘Wheel of Dhamma’ and ‘the Good Law’ to his disciples in an open garden only. It is preferable to keep the Buddha statue facing east as it is the direction of the rising Sun. 

Please keep the following aspects in mind while placing the Buddha in your garden- 

Keep the Buddha at/above the Eye Level:

It is disrespecting to keep the Buddha on the ground. Always place the Buddha upon a stone pedestal and make sure that the statue stays at or above your eye level. You can even have a natural stone console table to keep the Buddha statue in the garden. 

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Avoid the Playground Area:

It is always better to eschew the playing zones of the children or pets while placing the Buddha statue. As it would be insulting if someone pushes around or touch the statue unintentionally with feet while playing around it. 

Go with a Buddha Fountain:

While placing outdoor Buddha in the garden, it is always recommended to keep it near a water body and close to a blossoming plant. In case you are facing the difficulty to find one then it would be best to get the perfect fusion of a Buddha sculpture with water fountain. Whether you are going for a black marble Buddha fountain or a white marble Buddha fountain, you will experience a tranquil atmosphere and reach new levels of serenity and calmness while meditating. Additionally, it would add a layer of positivity and elegance to your landscape. 

Add a Zen Garden Buddha to your Garden:

Preparing a Zen Garden with a meditating Buddha statue, natural rocks and pebbles, natural stone planter and Japanese pagoda lantern will make your garden vicinity nothing short of a paradise. A garden Buddha stone statue would help you with Zen Garden ideas like never before. Zen garden is meant to connect you with the Nature in a better way and help rejuvenate with a calmer body, mind and soul. 

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Can I place More Than One Buddha In the Garden? 

Absolutely! It is common to have multiple Buddha statues in garden. You will commonly witness one such sight while visiting Thai temples where Buddha statues are placed in different mudras in the garden. So, if you have a garden of considerable size, then apart from a Zen garden Buddha with other Feng-shui attributes, you can even add a Buddha water feature and a Buddha on console table to tenfold your outdoor garden lifestyle décor.