Stone Mart

Stone Lamp Post

Get amazed by the most exquisite collection of vintage lamp posts, lanterns and Japanese pagoda lanterns of international series. Order them for solo installation or as part of Zen Garden Buddha or Hindu God statue set-up and skyrocket the décor aesthetics to unparalleled level.

Apart from bringing exceptional décor aesthetics, these stone lamps bring Feng-shui effects like repelling negative energies. Natural stone lamp posts do not come with artificial pasting at the time of installation. The wiring is ensured in such a professional manner that you will find the whole lamp body totally shock-proof. Place these garden lamp posts and lanterns near the playing areas of kids and pets with complete peace of mind. As its natural weight and size would never allow it to fall or injure anyone in the surrounding that easily. They feature extremely durable natural stone properties helping them withstand storm, rain, or sunlight outside. These granite and sandstone lamps come with easy to change surface lights that can be simply purchased from the nearest electric shop.

There is no use of stock images on our product description pages and here you will receive precisely the same product that you see and order online from Stonemart™. Place them in the living room, study room, entrances, puja room, balcony, garden, terrace, office premises, real estate societies, clubs, resorts, hotels, temples and monasteries, Zen garden Buddha set-ups, restaurants, farmhouse, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and various forms of residential and commercial establishments. There is no requirement of any civil work like drilling, chiseling or pasting of any kind, and the placement of these sandstone and granite stone lamps can be done at the desired spot directly.