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When the images of natural stone fountains come on our mind, they usually get classified into intrinsically carved, majestic outdoor fountains ideally meant for gardens or courtyards. But what people usually overlook is that the fountain decor is not merely about outdoor, but indoors as well. The indoor fountains are known for offering the identical benefits as one can expect out of their outdoor counterparts, and perhaps even more.

When we look at our indoor fountain decor requirements, then it can be fulfilled through the stone fountain models of different types, shapes, sizes, and styles. The indoor fountains can be inducted to our home premises, cafes, spas, hotels, restaurants and not to mention, corporate premises. Now, most of us only consider the fact that the benefits of the installation of an indoor fountain are not merely confined to decorative aesthetics only. There are some additional lesser-known facts that are essential for you to understand before confirming your first order for the favourite fountain for indoors.

Here, we are going to discuss about six lesser-known benefits that we seldom consider while deciding the purchase of the favourite model. Let us carefully look at them one by one –

  1. Soothing Ambience: The calming and soothing sound of water trickling down an indoor fountain structure generates an aura of relaxing ambience across the room. Nothing else can prove to be the medicine for a positive frame of mind. The indoor fountains for office installation promotes a positive atmosphere amongst the staff working in the premises and make them feel more relaxed and comfortable. It encourages them to spend more time inside the premise to refresh themselves with the enchanting vibrations of the nature.
  1. Enticing, Aesthetic Appeal: The natural stone indoor fountains are known for offering style with substance. The intrinsic artwork masters by the native sculptors of the Indian state of Odisha are known for blending design with longevity. The natural stone products are known to offer vastly improved and more varied alternatives in contrast to inferior quality indoor decor products, including the ones made from wood, ceramic, resin, or plastic. Irrespective of the fact, whether you are seeking something classical, modern, or even custom, the natural stone indoor fountain from a reliable outlet is a perfect choice for your inside space.
  1. Improving the Air Quality: Now, let us simply understand it from basic science. When the water evaporates after channelising from the upper to the lower tier of the fountain, it releases negative ions. The negative ions are responsible for the purification of the air and make it more refreshing to breathe. The constant inhalation of the purified air helps the person to keep the thoughts clear and focus better on the daily activities.
  1. It Doubles as a Humidifier: The indoor stone fountains do come in a variety of installation features. There are free standing fountains as well as the wall mounted ones that you can choose from the wide range of collection offered to you online. But what is interesting to note is that in whichever area of the room you keep them, they can add moisture to the room to make it more humid. The presence of one such fountain nearby a sick person is a boon when he or she is congested due to illness or cold. It promotes overall health and assist in convalescence of the concerned person. Besides, the increase in humidity across the room offers a conducive environment for the plants kept indoors. It makes them healthy and make their appearance fresh and vibrant looking.
  1. Promotes the Quality of Life: When peaceful, tranquil flow of water fills the premises with the serene sound of trickling, it functions as a great de-stressor. The person dwelling in the premises can enjoy thoughtfulness, comfort, peace, relaxation, and not to mention, sound, uninterrupted sleep. Of course, with more sleep the brain gets more time to repair the cells that got damaged due to stress and one can naturally feel more energetic while awaking at the morning. The quality of life automatically gets heightened with more energetic, optimistic, and happy thoughts. 
  1. Low Cost of Maintenance: The fountains made from natural stones are known to offer durability and are termed to be very easy to maintain. It is primarily because the designer stones excavated naturally remain free of impurities and are naturally robust and heavy. All you are required to do is refill the water in a week or two, and conduct a thorough, deep cleaning with a scrubber in every 4 to 6 months.

The process of cleaning simply involves the turning off the fountain, draining out the existing water, wiping out the external and internal surface (especially the micro-pond at the base), and clean up the plumbing, inside tubing and motor of the fountain. All that can be done with an easy routine and would also encourage you to get involved in a leisure activity. But yes, this low-cost maintenance is only assured when you are ordering the product from an authentic indoor fountain supplier online and never go for a cheap import.

The benefits that we discussed above are the additional ones apart from the intrinsically carved, enchantingly beautiful final product that you are going to receive. In case you have already realised the benefits of ordering an indoor stone fountain, then it is the time to look at the most classic and modern collection of indoor fountain decor India. Reach Stonemart to check out the pre-eminent collection for bona fide quality at the price that one can always vouch for.