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Bring your Favourite Birds to the Yard by Ordering Birdbath Colour of their Choice

Bring your Favourite Birds to the Yard by Ordering Birdbath Colour of their Choice
A bird bath made of natural stone is primarily a bowl-shaped structure in which birds can have some water to drink, immerse their bodies and enjoy a leisure amid hot daylight. Candidly speaking, birdbaths are not only as a fun place for birds, rather one of the most popular implementations of garden decor concepts.

To purchase a natural stone birdbath, you are not required to be an avid bird lover. Even as an individual constantly exploring unique decorative ideas for his or her yard, natural stone bird baths are robust, highly durable and demanding less maintenance. But instead of the material and properties, here we are going to emphasize more on colours and textures of these natural stone products.

Bring your Favourite Birds to the Yard by Ordering Birdbath Colour of their Choice

When you create a bird-friendly landscape, there are special measures that you can take to attract the bird species of your liking. There are certain characteristics of both common and exotic birds that attract them to certain types of colours. It is in their nature, as they find these colours to be a potential indication of a food source, plant nutrition, migration, mating,
etc. Here, we are going to recommend you birdbath colours that might be of keen interest to certain bird species frequently visiting in and around the backyard.

grey birdbath

So, let us begin-

  • Blue Shade Birdbaths: Best for Jays and Bluebirds
  • Earth Tone Shades: Skittish bird species
  • Gray, Green and Brown Shade Birdbaths: Quail, Doves, Thrushes, and different other ground feeders
  • Orange Shade Birdbaths: Hummingbirds and Orioles
  • Pink and Red Shade Birdbaths: Hummingbirds
  • Yellow Shade Birdbaths: Warblers, Goldfinches, and Hummingbirds

Yes, catching the attention of the birds with birdbaths and feeders is one thing, but you are also required to give equal importance to an ideal landscape for habitat, fresh water, shelter, food, and not to mention, nesting sites.

Turning your Birdbath into a Jacuzzi for the Tiny Feathered Guests is Not a Bad Option at all

If you can successfully maintain an ideally good natural stone garden landscape, then you can have some of the most beautiful visitors in the form of Bluebirds, Quail, Goldfinches, Orioles, Robins, Jays, Screech Owls, Catbirds, Common Sparrows, Warblers, Thrushes, etc. Not to mention, a small artificial pond featuring a water-filled basin will be a boon for the birds migrating to quench their thirsts during drought and summer periods.

There are certain models of bird baths online that can play the role of both jacuzzi and a feeder. The following are some of the common examples of bird bath styles that can be directly ordered or customised as per your special requirements from a reliable natural stone birdbath supplier.

  • Hanging or wall-mounted birdbaths
  • One-piece standing or two-piece standing birdbaths
  • Over-the-railing birdbaths
  • Naturally built or man-made birdbaths

The good news is that when it comes to your bird bath decor needs, then there is no dearth of the finest range of collections online accessible in a matter of a click. Reach Stonemart to explore the best bird feeders and stone bird baths for sale and get bestowed with a little paradise of splashing waters, fluttering wings and bird songs.