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2 Feet Sandstone, Stone Buddha Statue for Home, Balcony, Terrace, Temple

Stone Buddha statues with smaller size like 24 inch or 2 feet are considered suitable for indoors. Due to less weight, 2 feet sandstone Buddha statues are good for balcony, apartments or flats and even terrace. 

In simple words, if you need Buddha idol for your temple, home, console, then 2 feet size is apt for you. Here you will find the best collection of indoor buddha statue for home out of mint sandstone, pink sandstone, beige sandstone and brown sandstone. Due to less weight, 2 feet Buddha Statue is preferred in major cities or states of India like Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kerala etc. Other than that, for exports too, Stonemart™ exports small Buddha statues to countries like USA, UK and UAE as shipping charges are lesser as compared to big statues with more weight. Browse through the best collection of 2 feet Stone Buddha Sculptures or idols for home at Stonemart™.

Medium Size stone Buddha sculpture for home can be best for those living in flats or preferring less weight statue. 2 feet Buddha statues are perfect not just for indoor rather for garden too. You can create Zen Garden using 2 feet stone Buddha sculpture carved beautifully by hands of skilled murtikars of Stonemart™. With door delivery option from Stonemart™, you can order stone Buddha statue online in India and get delivered to your doorstep. With statues available in stock, you can expect delivery in just 7 days after dispatch. So, either you want Dhyana Mudra 2 feet Stone Buddha statue or Abhaya Mudra or Dharmachakra or Vitarka Mudra all statues of Buddha for home are available at Stonemart™. Order now before your most liked one is out of stock. Call / WhatsApp +91-9413348979 or mail for queries or ordering Buddha statue for home.