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When we plan to decorate our dream space, the best of the best decor options can readily be explored online. At Stonemart, we are committed to take the dreams and aspirations of the modern setup of our clients in Bangalore to the new heights.

Bangalore is known as the ‘Silicon Valley of India’ not merely due to the tech prowess of the youth in the city, but also the ever-growing modern demands and aspirations of the living standards. When it comes to the elevation of the living standards, how we maintain the decorative aspects of our homes, gardens, offices, and social, cultural, and educational centres in the city matter a lot. That is when we look at the smartest, long- term and flexible decor solutions that reflect class to the elite standards of the Silicon Valley image of the city.
The best part of exploring stone decor in Bangalore online is that you can access the services of the best manufacturers and suppliers in India in a matter of a few clicks by sitting at home. We at Stonemart India assure the collection of the widest range of home decor items made from 100% original natural stones excavated out of the most legit stone mines of India. Why natural stone products for interiors and exteriors are extremely popular amongst people of different standards of living in Bangalore? It is primarily because it can match the decor needs with respect to any lifestyle at different price range without compromising with the quality.

The stone decor products remain in widespread demand not only in Bangalore, but also different other cities of the world due to the elegant style and longevity of the ordered items. Once you choose the desired product(s) from a reliable natural stone decor supplier online, then it can fulfil your decor needs for a prolonged period. It can help you achieve the spiritual quest with natural stone statues of the gods in Hinduism and Buddhism and can even help reconnect with nature with exclusive range of fountains, planters, and birdbaths.
With Stonemart India, we serve the decorative needs of a significant clientele across the electronic capital located in the southern part of India. The following is the classified category of products that you can primarily access on our site online -

Buddha Statues:

We offer the widest range of sitting and standing Buddha statuesBuddha statue with fountain, marble Buddhas as well as Buddha statues in different mudras and heights. Whether you are seeking Bamiyan Buddhas, Sarnath Buddha, Buddha in dhyana mudra, dharmachakra mudra, bhumisparsha mudra, abhaya mudra, vitarka mudra or varada mudra to meet your interior as well as garden decor needs. Buddha statue of 1 feet or 1.5 feet high, Buddha statue 2 feet3 feet Buddha statue online4 feet Buddha statue online or Gautam Buddha statue 5 feet, it can readily be fulfilled or customised as per the given requirements.

Stone Water Fountains:

We offer the widest range of natural stone fountains to meet both interior decor needs as well as the decor needs of the backyard or garden. These include Buddha fountains, diya fountainsball fountainsdesigner fountains, tabletop fountains or the fountains with birdbaths to serve the dual purpose. Our natural stone fountains come with algae resistant surface demanding least maintenance, submersible pump and easiest of installation processes.

Bird Baths:

Try to reconnect with the Mother Nature and its tiny feathered guests by installing natural stone birdbath in garden, terrace and backyard. Our bird baths come in different shapes and sizes including crass natural rock style as well as birdbaths with designer fountains. If you are keen to order a birdbath along with a bird feeder, then also you will not be disappointed at all. 

Hindu God Statues:

Whether you are installing the stone statue of Hindu God to fulfil your spiritual quest or to eliminate the vaastu doshas from the premises, we can easily serve the purpose with our finest range at Stonemart India. Different statues of Hindu gods that are accessible in sandstone and marble, include Ganesh statueShiva statueSaraswati statueLakshmi statueNarayan statueNataraja statue, etc. in both traditional and modern art concepts.


Designer concepts are available in different forms of stone planters including indoor pot and boulder plantersDesigner planters in different shapes and sizes including rock planterspot shaped plantersboat planterspebble planters, and different forms of teak sandstone planters. The planters can also be custom designed on special request.

Stone Urlis:

Urlis appear stylish and elegant in both crass and finished design form. A perfect designer product for your interior and exterior decoration including a showcase item at both ground and table-top level and adorn it with crystal-clear water filled with your favourite colour flowers. An impressive sight for not only the homeowners but also to the guests frequently arriving at the premises.

Bali Stone Sculptures:

Our exclusive Balinese stone sculptures are extremely popular amongst the residents of Bangalore city. The metro city is one of the major hubs for the rising trends for health and fitness, including the practise of YogaBali stone statues come in different humanoid yoga poses to help you not only achieve perfect decor options as well as a beacon of inspiration to an immense number of residents passionate about spiritual health and fitness.

Landscaping Pebbles:

The arrangement of pebbles in the exterior pavements and pathways offer a distinctive look to your porch, garden, and veranda. Small pebbles online are also accessible to be used in transparent vases and other areas for interior decor.

Water Landscaping Features:

Imagine the presence of a mini waterfall in your garden or home premise to draw your dwelling closer to Mother Nature? A single monolith water feature to multi-layer water features channelise the water to deliver the area an earthy yet sophisticated look.   

Stone Gazebos:

The stone gazebos made from natural stone are gaining immense popularity in both metro region as well as the outskirts of the city. Commonly known as Chatteris, they are indeed a perfect addition to a garden or porch of decent size.

Wall Stones and Panels:

Decorating your exterior and interior walls with natural stone panels would take your statue symbol to the next level. The decorative stone wall panels come in different Buddha wall panels, Hindu god panels, as well as designer and modern art panels to achieve the decor needs without consuming much space in the area. 


Make your landmark more visible with a signage of impressive size ordered at Stonemart India. The stone signage accessible at Stonemart India come in different shapes and sizes to match the needs of people, organizations and institutions from different backgrounds. The signage can be custom made as per the requirements put forth by the client at best of the prices accessible online.

Besides the above listed range of products to fulfil your interior and exterior decor aspirations, we can also offer the best-in-class options in stone bouldersstone circlesstone benches, pathways, stone lamps, and palisades. Contact our support representative now and get your favourite order booked at the earliest!

What Features We Offer in Terms of Natural Stone Decor Bangalore at Stonemart India?

In the legacy that we have nurtured for the last 13 years, the following are some of the major features due to which we consistently get to deliver a plethora of orders to Bangalore round the calender days -
So, what are you still waiting for? Confirm your order from any part of the city and avail a trusted delivery experience from a brand that has already served thousands of happy clients in the city now.