Stone Mart

5 Feet Buddha Statues

The symbol of magnanimity, benevolence and luxury...order 5 feet natural stone Buddha statues online for exclusive homes, bungalows, mansions, luxury villas, farmhouses and commercial properties with planned architecture. 

It is the time to avail the perpetual blessings and positive vibes of lord Buddha, so that anyone entering the premises should the energy in and around him or her. Earn maximum Vastu and Feng Shui benefits by only buying natural stone Buddha idols that are hand carved out of the single blocks of granite, white marble, black marble and sandstone. The Buddhas hand carved from natural stone do not carry impurities and bestow you with maximum Vastu and Feng Shui benefits. 

Place the order for Buddha statues in different mudras from Stonemart™. You can place the order to buy Buddha sculptures in abhaya mudra, Buddha sculptures in dhyana mudra, Buddha sculptures in vitarka mudra, Buddha sculptures in bhumisparsha mudra, Buddha sculptures in reclining mudra, Buddha sculptures in dharmachakra mudra, Buddha sculptures in anjali mudra, Bamiyan Buddha sculptures to name a few. Apart from exclusive homes and gardens, you can order to place them in various kinds of commercial establishments like resorts, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, academic and research institutions, offices, rehabilitation centers, meditation centers, Yoga centers and different kinds of religious institutions.