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Lord Vishnu Statues

Om Namo Narayanay…!! Bring home 100% natural stone statue of the preserver of the universe and the sustainer of life and worship it daily to bring peace, harmony and prosperity to the life.

Order standing sculpture of lord Vishnu hand carved out of single natural stone block to ensure purity and Vastu compatibility. The standing Vishnu statue has been ornate with seven hooded Ananta Shesha over the head. There is a divine halo and crown hand carved over the head. The four arms of Bhagwan Vishnu are decorated with Padma, Shanka, Sudarshan Chakra, and Kaumodaki Mace in each hand respectively. The robe and jewelry engraved across the body is an enticing sight to behold. One can observe a small sculpture of Garuda (the mount of lord Vishnu) as well on the padmasana lotus above which the lord has been made to stand.

Order divine Shri Hari Vishnu statue to get bestowed with complete peace of mind in your living room, puja room, home entrances, garden, temple, office premises, farmhouse, resort, hospitals, rehabilitation center, hotel, academic and research institutions, and various forms of commercial establishments. Place the stone idol of lord Vishnu facing west for optimal results. Shop today from Stonemart™ and get the package dispatched and delivered at your doorstep. It is the time for you to experience our domestic packaging with international standards.