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3 Feet Buddha Statues for Garden, Home, Resort, Hotel, Farmhouse

3 Feet Buddha statues are available for your beautiful home and garden. Carved beautifully by hands of murtikars (shilpkars) of Stonemart™, these stone sculptures show how stone can be given a shape by hammer and chiesel. 

Available in sandstone , white mint, beige, pink and brown sandstone, these 36 inch statues of Buddha for home and garden are best in all respects. So, either you are looking a stone idol for your beautiful home or you wish to make your garden serene, then you can go for 3 feet Buddha statue from Stonemart™. Browse through the best collection of 3 feet Buddha statue in Abhaya Mudra, Dharmachakra Mudra, Anjali Mudra, Dhyana or Meditating Mudra, Vitarka Mudra, Bhumisparsha Mudra and so on. 

The beautiful statues of Gautam Buddha requires no reason to be termed as must for every home or garden. The peace that you get while having this serene idol of Buddha around you is beyond words. May be that's the reason why every beautiful home is believed to deserve a calm sculpture or idol of Buddha. Not just that, its equally peaceful to have 3 feet Buddha statue in outdoor garden where you can spend quality time with your family members and friends. At Stonemart™ you witness the most amazing collection of 3 feet Buddha Statues out of sandstone. So be it your farmhouse, garden, resort or home, you can have Buddha deity ordered from Stonemart™. To order or for further information you may call/ WhatsApp +91-9413348979 or mail