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Top 5 Types of Buddha Water Fountains for Meditation

Top 5 Types of Buddha Water Fountains for Meditation

Bringing home a water fountain with sculpture is now a trend to not only match the home and garden décor aspirations but also certain Vastu requirements. The placement of the Buddha sculpture with fountain will not only eliminate certain kinds of Vastu doshas but also generate a soothing and tranquil environment.  

If you prefer to meditate in front of one such Buddha statue with water feature, then it would help to attain the new levels of calmness and serenity once you start meditating. It would incorporate a layer of positivity and elegance to your landscaping décor aspirations. Without further ado, keep on reading to learn more about various factors that contribute to the selection of a big Buddha water fountain for home and garden of your premises. 

How does a Buddha Fountain Help with your Meditation Space? 

The soothing sound of the Buddha fountain would help in the detoxification from all kinds of fatigue and toxicity of the day. If you are seeking some healing through a self-introspection session, then nothing can overshadow a meditative session in front of a Buddha water fountain. The fountain with Buddha sculpture will not only be the centerpiece of attraction but also cancel the background noise to deliver you the complete peace against the cacophony of the surroundings. 

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When you shop from a reputed Buddha fountain manufacturer and exporter in India, you will come across the most comprehensive collection of Buddha fountains for indoor and outdoor. Let us get a better insight about premium Buddha fountain types that are much in demand and the ones that you can order and buy as per your décor aspirations and Vastu prerequisites. 

Top 5 Buddha Water Fountain Types for Meditation

The following are some of the most popular Buddha fountain varieties that are available in the market for the décor set-up. What worth notable is that these fountain types are not available everywhere and specifically hand carved by certain in-house stone craftsmen for specific global manufacturers and exporters. Allow us to throw some light over these range of Buddha fountain sculptures -

Big Lotus Buddha Fountain Sculptures:

One of the most easily identifiable Buddha fountain statues, it integrates a Buddha sculpture with a base fountain tank. Most commonly, the base tank is featured with the layers of lotus petals and typically a pitcher in the hands of a meditating Buddha functions as the fountain mouth. A submersible pump is provided at the base of the tank to recirculate the water back to the top. A perfect addition to both home and garden. 

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Buddha Sculpture with Urli Fountain:

In this version of Buddha water fountains, the Buddha and the water feature are kept together but separately. Preferably, an urli fountain that has been placed in front of the Buddha mostly sitting upon a lotus throne. It can be a dhyana or meditating Buddha statue, abhaya mudra Buddha statue, vitarka mudra Buddha statue, bhumisparsha mudra Buddha statue or dharmachakra mudra Buddha statue. The uruli fountains are usually hand carved from granite or sandstone. 

Sitting Buddha with Huge Panel Waterfall:

Exclusive and illustrious, it features a sitting Buddha statue with the backdrop of a towering canvas of stone panel waterfall. The Buddha can be featured in different mudras and the large panel either made from granite or sandstone is hand chiseled to offer a uniquely embossed zig-zag texture when the water flows down from it. A perfect product for spacious areas indoors and outdoors, preferably bungalows, mansions, luxury villas and exotic gardens. 

Standing Buddha with Fountain:

This variety of Buddha fountain comes in both urli and panel fountain variants. But the main different is a standing Buddha sculpture kept in front or inside the fountain. The standing Buddha idols (for instance, the Bamiyan Buddha) are normally hand carved in blessing/ abhay mudra or charity/ dana mudra with a full body halo in the backdrop to reflect the divinity and wisdom of the lord. 

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Buddha Panel Water Fountain:

Here, the Buddha himself has been inscribed across the panel and the fountain water flows down over it to emboss the figure from rest of the panel. Suitable Buddha sculpture fountain for interior and exterior décor plans, its aesthetic appeal would tenfold when surface lights are used to radiate the panel block, especially during the dusk and at night.  

As per Vastu, the Buddha is a perpetual source of calmness, stability and inspiration. Similarly, the fountain water is the symbol of wealth, prestige and positivity. That is why, a perfect fusion of the Buddha with a water fountain is deemed extremely auspicious. Once the shipment of the product arrives at your doorstep, you can install the Buddha statue with fountain in the north, northeast and east direction. As these directions are well compatible with the element of water.