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How Different Mudras and Colors of the Buddha Statues Influence your Home and Garden Vastu?

How Different Mudras and Colors of the Buddha Statues Influence your Home and Garden Vastu?

When you explore the principles of Vastu and Feng shui, then you would find that both of them remain on the same page when it comes to the significance of the Buddha statue in the home and garden landscape.

The statue of Gautam Buddha is the symbol of good fortune. The same Buddha is depicted in different mudras and each mudra has its own influence upon the landscape. Believe it or not, but even the color of the natural stone out of which the Buddha statue has been hand carved would have a tremendous impact upon the aura and vibes of the bearer and his or her vicinity. Once the Buddha of correct mudra and colour has been installed at the right place in the right direction, you will find a noteworthy change to your psychological health and your overall materialistic and spiritual existence would be in peace and harmony with each other.

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Firstly, let us learn about different mudras of the Buddha and how their presence in our vicinity is going to impact our overall persona.

• Abhaya Mudra:

One of the most easily recognizable mudras of the Buddha, an abhay Buddha statue underscores the formidable presence of the lord to offer patronage to those who are seeking his refuge. It is a seated Buddha statue with the right hand raised to the chest level, offering protection and peace with oneself.

• Sleeping or Reclining Buddha Statue:

The presence of this statue marks the significance of seeking internal harmony. Also famed as the Nirvana Buddha statue, it is recommended as a Buddha idol to be kept facing west, while being inclined towards the right. A reclining Buddha sculpture is the manifestation of the final moments of the Buddha before he emancipated himself from the cycle of death and rebirth. The sleeping Buddha is the portrayal of internal harmony that everyone seeks in his or her daily life.

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• Dhyana Mudra:

Another sitting Buddha statue portraying the Buddha in his meditative state. A meditating Buddha statue stands for inner peace and clarity of thought. It is one of the popular Buddha statues used in the creation of Zen garden set-up, featuring the statue along with stone planters, natural pebble stones and rocks, a stone water fountain and a Japanese pagoda lantern. You can also invoke a sense of atmospheric calmness by lighting some incense sticks or by adding aromatic essential oil to the fountain water.

• Bhumisparsha Mudra:

One of the most popular and easily recognizable mudras of the Buddha, manifesting his moment of enlightenment. Here, the fingers of his right hand are about to touch the Earth to let the Bhudevi (Goddess Earth) bear the witness to his enlightenment. Place this mudra statue at the entrance or the living room facing east to mark the beginning of new things.

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• Anjali Mudra:

A welcoming gesture of the Buddha to mark devotion and faith. Here, the Buddha keeps both the hands folded to the chest level in a namaskar mudra. The mudra is a natural remedy for stress, anxiety, improves the level of oxygen to the body.

• Contemporary Buddha Head:

Please this Buddha bust at a heightened spot like study table in children's room. The head of the Buddha is a symbol of knowledge and wisdom and buying a Buddha face for console table will create a positive atmosphere for learning.

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How the Color of the Buddha Statue Could Transform your Vastu Luck?

Indeed, as a matter of fact, the stone statue of Buddha holds value and significance to the Vastu based upon the colour of the natural stone used to hand carve the idol. Let us get the contemporary landscape decor perspective in the same regard-

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Now with that, we conclude this piece of writing with the hope that you have received the exact clarity of thought regarding the significance of different mudras and how the colour of the natural stone used to manufacture the statue can have a profound impact over your premises.

It is expected that this information would help you make a prudent choice as per your Vastu decor prerequisites to order a natural stone Buddha sculpture from a trustworthy manufacturer and exporter online.