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How to Create a Zen Garden Using a Buddha Statue?

How to Create a Zen Garden Using a Buddha Statue?

In the modern era, exploring and finding your own sanctuary of mindfulness is essential. These are the times when every soul on the planet finds himself or herself surrounded by cacophony, either in the physical world or the digital world of social media. It can influence us to such an extent that we tend to lose our sense of purpose and identity under the influence of an overwhelming amount of noise. There are certain times when even own homes become overburdening. 

That is when we realize that we should have our own sense of place to recuperate, especially a Zen garden. If you do not have one, then it is the time to create one. But there are certain questions that are required to be answered in advance. Like, how does one go about it? From where can you begin? And what are certain attributes that we can incorporate in our Zen garden? The most conventional components of a Zen garden shall include a Buddha statue, a stone lantern, a water fountain, natural rocks, natural stone pebbles, gravel, etc. Well, the list is long but in order to guide and assist you, we have covered all of it right here - 

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Why a Zen Garden is Essential for you? 

First and foremost, it is essential for us to address what a zen garden is all about. A Zen garden is a Japanese concept of rock garden. The theme primarily revolves around natural stone and natural rock, with minimal use of plants and water at the vicinity. If there is the presence of a water body, then it should be confined to a single water feature like an urli pond or fountain

The Zen rock gardens are quite distinct from traditional gardens, as they are not build with a purpose to stimulate the senses. They are rather meant to promote stillness in the mind of the viewer. The core philosophy of such a place is how to be content with the minimal life necessities and avail your own space to sit down and contemplate. Of course, when you wish to unwind after a long day of exhaustive work, then it would be exhilarating to sit in a sanctuary of peace and solace. A zen garden is indeed the perfect place for that. 

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What are the Attributes that you can Add in a Zen Garden?

When you have the elements like natural stone Buddha sculpture, natural rocks, stone lanterns and pagodas, then it would not be hard for you to wonder how to create your own Zen garden. For the beginning, remove most of the plants from the set-up and strip down the whole area to the bare bones. Stone Buddha statue, natural rocks, pebble stones, and gravels are deemed as the ideal components of a Zen Garden set-up. The inception of the Zen Garden concept happened centuries ago to contemplate the teachings of Buddhism. If you are planning to create the garden for prayer and meditation, then the presence of a Zen Garden Buddha would help you to channelize the energy and focus on the present. 

Can I Get Ready Made Zen Garden Set-up for My Property? 

Of course you can! Stonemart™ India is a globally recognized brand of Buddha statue manufacturers and exporters who would provide you the complete package set-up of Zen Garden components right under one roof. They offer tons of other garden décor items that can turn out to be worthy addition to your Japanese dry garden concept of landscape decor

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Consult their professionals before ordering Zen Garden setup online regarding the perfect mudra of the Buddha for garden, the rules of Vastu, and the latest garden décor tips trending in the market. Follow them on their social media channels like Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube and follow their accounts to stay well informed and up to date about the trending Zen garden tips and the best deals available online.