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Top 6 Buddha Statue Home Placement Choices As Per Vaastu Recommendation

Top 6 Buddha Statue Home Placement Choices As Per Vaastu Recommendation

When you have the Buddha, you have the world! A formidable beacon of wisdom and knowledge, the Buddha is the sheer representation of the tranquility and calmness that one can attain after understanding his teachings. The presence of Buddha statue in home and garden is known to impart a positive and harmonious vibe. The Buddha stone statues are available in a variety of forms, and each and every mudra in which the Buddha is depicted has its own significance and influence. 

What does the Vaastu says about the Placement of the Buddha?

As per Vastu experts, the placement of the Buddha can be accomplished at different places and each place will have its own impact over your mental health and peace. It is primarily because the stability and the healthy state of mind are directly connected to our living site. However, whether you are an interior designer or a proud home owner, it is imperative for you to place the right kind of stone Buddha statue at the right place. When you pay attention to minute details, it will eventually turn out to be worth it! 

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  • Buddha for the Entrance: Whenever we make a visit to somewhere, we always tend to stop at the entrance. When you place a blessing Buddha or abhaya mudra Buddha statue at the entrance, it will help keep all the negative or opposing forces outside. It is the mudra of protection, fearlessness and confidence and should never be placed directly on floor. Buddha statue in abhaya mudra ought to be large and magnanimous in size. We recommend a 3 feet Buddha statue, 4 feet Buddha statue, or 5 feet Buddha statue for the entrance to spread a positive aura through its humongous size. 

  • Buddha for the Living Room: When you focus on the interior designing of the living room, we find that though different forms Buddha statues are suitable for the living room, Vaastu experts recommend that the placement of a reclining Buddha statue towards the right, facing the west can invite peace and harmony to your home. Place it as Buddha statue for console table or upon a clean shelf as a mark of your inner beliefs and state of mind. 

  • Buddha for the Garden: If you love walking in your garden during the dusk or dawn, adding a Buddha near the pathway is always going to be beneficial for you. As per Vaastu, it would be beneficial to place Buddha ji in garden in one of the clean corners facing east. 

There are numerous mudras that are directly or indirectly associated with open areas like garden. These include Sarnath Buddha statue, Vitarka mudra Buddha statue (or teaching Buddha statue) and not to mention, the iconic Bhumisparsha mudra Buddha statue symbolizing the moment when the Buddha attained enlightenment in a garden under a Peepal tree. 

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  • Meditation or Pooja Room: The presence of a meditating Buddha statue is known to assuage the chaos inside our body and mind. You will find yourself filled with a positive and relaxing energy, better concentration, and all the chakras inside the body functioning in appropriate sequence. It is ideal to place dhyana mudra Buddha statue and dharmachakra mudra Buddha statue in the Yoga or meditation room. You can place the statues in the corner facing East, as the direction represents eternal knowledge and enlightenment. It is strongly recommended to never place these statues below the eye level as it is deemed as inauspicious and a mark of disrespect. 

  • Buddha for Study Room: Buddha is a friend, Buddha is a mentor, Buddha is a teacher, and the Buddha is the light at the end of the tunnel. Placement of the Buddha in children’s study room is deemed auspicious and helps them achieve focus, confidence and positive aura required for academic success. We recommend the placement of stone Buddha bust (Buddha head) on the study table or nearby console table to help the children concentrate better in positive atmosphere free from negativeness. 

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  • Buddha for the Dining Area: You can tenfold the modern aesthetics of your dining space with a natural stone Buddha panel, as it consumes less amount of space yet makes its decisive presence felt within the vicinity. It is one of the simplest dining space décor ideas and can easily become an integral part of both contemporary and luxury living. As per Vaastu, it is advisable to place Buddha panel facing inside the house.

Whether you are searching top 10 interior design ideas for 2023 or top 10 ideas of real estate selling, you will always find Buddha stone idols getting placed among the top spots. So, get Vastu consultation while ordering Buddha sculpture for home or Buddha fountain for garden to reap the benefits of both aesthetic and spiritual merit.