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Do’s and Don’ts While Installing Natural Stone Water Fountain as per Vastu

Do’s and Don’ts While Installing Natural Stone Water Fountain as per Vastu

The placement of water fountain in the vicinity is known to bring various forms of positive results to the owner of the house. Prior to understanding how to place natural stone water fountain as per Vastu, it is significant to throw a brief light upon the benefits of having a water fountain at home, garden and office. 

As per Vastu, the flow of water is a symbol of the constant flow of money, wealth, prosperity and positivity. That is the reason why keeping indoor water fountain is deemed as extremely auspicious. Bringing sophistication and class to the overall home design set-up, the presence of water fountains are known to add beauty and elegance to the given space. The uninterrupted sound of the flowing water in the given vicinity is known to generate a soothing ambiance, along with tranquility to home and office environment. According to Feng Shui, if you explore deeper to the eastern philosophy of home décor, then you would come across the fact that the flowing water of the fountain is known to reactivate the stagnant chi, restoring the balance to the given area and generates beneficial yang energy.

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What are the Do’s & Don’ts That One Needs to Keep in Mind While Placing a Water Fountain?

As per the science of architecture and interior décor, water fountain is not merely a container for water but a reservoir of life. It ushers an immense amount of positive energy and benefits associated with different aspects of life. The selection of the right place for the installation of water fountain as per Vastu is always a good idea. Let us look at some of the principal aspects- 

  • As per the basic principles of Vaastu, it is recommended to place the stone fountain in the north or northeast direction of your property. It is primarily because it is deemed as the direction of the water element and contains positive energy. 
  • If you are struggling to find the right space for the installation of the fountain in the north, then it is advisable to install it in the east direction. As the direction is also compatible with the element of water. 
  • If you are exploring answers for the areas where the water fountains should not be installed, then it is suggested to not install them in the south, southwest and west directions of the house. 
  • If you have decided to place the fountain in the northeast direction, then it is suggestive to go for one that is lighter in weight and toned down in terms of size. Do not install huge or bulky stone waterfalls or natural stone water features in this direction. 

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  • Never keep water element in the bedroom, including stone water fountains. As they might have an adverse impact upon the relationships. 
  • If you are looking for the answers about which is the best place to keep a water fountain at home, then as per Vastu, then we recommend to go with the north direction.  
  • Once turned on, the flow of the fountain water should always be constant and there should not be stagnation in the flow of water. 
  • Clean the fountain surface on a regular basis to ensure that there is no accumulation of dirt, grime or algae. Besides, stagnant water is always a breeding ground for mosquitoes. 
  • It is recommended to add a small quantity of hydrogen peroxide to the fountain surface to prevent the growth of algae and other kind of germs. 
  • In case the natural fountain ordered by you does not cascade the water equally to all the directions, then make sure that the water flows towards the house and not away from it. 
  • Keep the direction of the flowing water towards the front door to symbolize the inflow of wealth and prosperity. Beware of the fact that if you are keep the flow of the water away from the house then it could result in loss of wealth and an increase in financial problems. 
  • A natural stone water fountain should also not be kept in the kitchen area, as the area already features the element of water. 

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Placement of Water Fountain in Office as per Vaastu 

The presence of a water feature in the office premises is as important as the part of home and garden décor mentioned above. Just look at some of the important Vastu guidelines associated with the water fountain placement for office décor

  • Keep the natural stone waterfall or stone water feature facing north to increase the possibility of new business opportunities, career growth and success. 
  • Use natural stone pebbles, camphor and essential oils in the fountain water to generate fragrance to soothe the stressful atmosphere of the office set-up. 
  • You can even place a fountain for home office in the Vaastu recommended spot. 

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Placement Tips for Ganesh Water Fountain and Buddha Water Fountain for Home and Garden 

The placement of Ganesha water feature and Buddha water feature at home and garden is regarded as a symbol of good luck and prosperity. The installation of a water fountain with Ganpati statue is considered best for northeast corner as well as near the entrance of the home or inside the living room. The same principles for installation are required to be followed for the water fountain with Buddha sculpture. Here, granite water fountain and sandstone water fountains are among the most popular variants that you can order online from a trustworthy natural stone fountain manufacturer and exporter

Water fountains carry both decorative and spiritual significance. It is the element of the water that is known to bring positive energy to the vicinity. If you are planning to give the next order for water fountain online for your home, garden, balcony and office, then follow the above given rules of Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui to welcome luck, prosperity and fortune to your life.