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Not Just A Decor: Five Scientifically Proven Reasons to Order a Water Fountain Today!

Not Just A Decor: Five Scientifically Proven Reasons to Order a Water Fountain Today!

For the past few centuries, natural stone water fountains have been one of the most favorite set-pieces for home and garden décor. Whether you are looking for landscaping décor with limited space availability or aiming for luxury décor with plethora of prospects to play with, you will find one or two types of water fountains that will aim for amplification of your lavish décor aspirations. 

But gradually, we started studying the influence of science and spirituality upon our daily décor aesthetics. That is when the experts of Vastu started realizing the fact that it is not merely the materialistic benefits associated with stone water fountains but also the spiritual and scientific connection that it makes with the positive energy inside your vicinity. The presence of the right type of fountain for my home and garden at the right spot in your premises will help in the channelization of that positive energy to ensure the inflow of peace, happiness and fortune. 

Some of the scientific connections of the positive impact that the benefits of water fountain would have on our lives are mentioned below - 

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Water Fountains Improve Sleep:

Nothing is more soothing and relaxing than the sound of the running water from a natural stone waterfall. The peace and constant sound of the running water is a decisive help for the people suffering from sleep disorder. The tranquility of the water always helps in attaining a calm mind, which helps in restoring the mental balance essential for a 7 to 8 hours non-stop sleep. 

Water Fountains Help Fight Stress:

It has been proven scientifically that the natural flow of fountain water releases negative ions into the atmosphere which helps in the stimulation of the energy level inside the body and calm down the feelings associated with anxiety and depression. The placement of water fountain at office is especially helpful as it helps the workforce the keep a calm and composed mind and make them ready to tackle new products. 

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Fountain Water Helps Restoring Moisture:

Whether you are placing the water fountain indoor or outdoor, it helps you in attaining the desired level of humidity in the atmosphere. It helps get rid of the pathogens like bacteria and viruses by maintaining the humidity level between 40% and 70%. It reduces the likelihood to contract a respiratory infection to a significant extent. It limits the possibility of the development of allergens, primarily caused by fungi and mites. 

Fountain Water Helps Purification of Air:

As mentioned above, the water inside the fountain water feature is meant to release negative ions which helps in the reduction of the air pollution. It has been scientifically proven that the dust particles do get attracted to the negative ions and settle them down before they enter the living body through mouth, ear and skin pores. Besides, you can always add essential oil to the fountain water to spread a refreshing aroma to the surroundings. 

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Attract Birds and Local Wildlife:

If you are a passionate and avid Nature lover, then you can also use your fountain as a birdbath for balcony or as a birdbath for garden, terrace or backyard. Of course, birds and local wildlife do get attracted to water bodies, especially to quench their thirst as well as to refresh themselves while flocking and playing around. It will not only enhance the overall look of your vicinity, but bestows you with a state of positivity and happiness in the mind. 

So, the next time you reach the website of a reliable stone water fountain manufacturer and exporter, press the order button for your favorite product with complete peace of mind. As you are bringing home a unique product with both landscape décor and scientific health utility.