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Shree Ram Darbar: How Our Revered Artisans are Turning Stone into Symphony of Faith?

Shree Ram Darbar: How Our Revered Artisans are Turning Stone into Symphony of Faith?

The consecration of Shree Ram Mandir in Ayodhya is believed to mark the inception of Bharat rediscovering its cultural identity and ethos. It is not like lord Ram was not in the heart and soul of over a billion Hindus worldwide, but reconstruction of the Ram Temple at the exact spot of Ram Janmasthaan after 500 years is an occasion that one ought to cherish generations after generations. 

Ram Bhakts not only in India but across the globe are trying to mark the occasion in their own respective ways. Some are lighting Diyas (traditional Indian oil lamps), some are reciting Ramcharitra Manas and Hanuman Chalisa at their homes, while other Ram Bhakts are going a few steps further and bringing home 100% pure white marble Shree Ram Darbar from Stonemart™️. 

Hand carving an otherworldly magic of bhakti upon the toughest layers of natural marble, our most revered and gifted Indian artisans have accomplished a rare feat for you. The artisans have taken care of each and every raw emotion upon the divine faces of Prabhu Ram, Mata Sita, Lakshman Ji and Ram Bhakt Hanuman Ji to perfectly bring into life the divinity, faith, loyalty, benevolence and brotherhood. These are some of the striking qualities and each and every Sanatani wishes that dwell in his or her house. 

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How Stonemart™️ India Transformed Natural Blocks of Marble Stone into Symphony of Faith?

The significance of Shree Ram Darbar is unparalleled in Sanathan sect. It marks the occasion of the return of lord Ram with his consort devi Sita 14 years after fulfilling the vows of Vanvaas (banishment) and accepting his coronation as the king of Ayodhya. The darbar stands as the testament of the divine virtues of lord Rama, including dharma, valor, loyalty and justice. It is the symbol of a rule that serves as a beacon of moral, spiritual and ethical values to impart the principles of Ram Rajya.

While hand carving the figures of Bhagwan Ram, Maa Sita, Lakshman ji and Kesari Nandan Hanuman Ji out of a single block of marble, the sculptors at Stonemart™️ have taken special care to bring into life the magnanimity and grandeur of this Ram Darbar in natural stone

The sculptures do come with a large size pedestal featuring stairs that would make every devotee feels like climbing towards the pious feet of Prabhu Shree Ram. Use the pedestal to shower flowers and to light diyas. You can even sit in front of Shree Ram Darbar with your well wishers and organize the recitation of Ramayan Path on special occasions including Ram Navami.

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How Shree Ram Darbar from Stonemart™️ India is Auspicious for your Home?

The following are some of the Vastu reasons due to which the presence of Ram Ji Darbar is regarded as highly auspicious in your residential and commercial property- 

  • The presence of Shree Ram Darbar is the symbol of harmony, divinity and unity to invite blessings in your property. 
  • As per Vastu, the placement of Ram Darbar in the North East direction would amplify the positive energies and welcome spiritual prosperity to the household along with fostering togetherness in the family. 
  • The presence of Shree Ram Darbar at home keeps negativity and jealousies at bay.

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Place the order for your own Shree Ram Darbar for home from Stonemart™️ India, an ISO 9001:2015, CE certified largest stone manufacturer and exporter in India since 2006. The marble stone Ram Darbar comprises of lord Ram statue, Maa Sita statue, brother Lakshman statue and Pawan Putra Hanuman statue. It is time to feel like dwelling in Ayodhya Dham. Ordering and worshiping Shree Ram Mandir at your home will open the gates to divinity, prosperity and harmony. Shop now!