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Which Type of Water Fountains are Best for Office Reception Area?

Which Type of Water Fountains are Best for Office Reception Area?

People tend to believe that old idioms are getting obsolete with the passage of time. Especially the ones like, ‘first impression is the last impression’. Well, there are still various instances where such idioms stand the test of time. For instance, setting up a professional office reception area. Whether you are having a job aspirant walking in for an interview or a prospective client arriving for a business proposal meeting, they should find your office reception area an awe-inspiring one! 

Well, as the office reception area is the entry point to your main commercial property, there are certain jaw dropping characteristics that you can add to make it a worthy time spending zone. One such characteristic is the addition of an enticing water fountain to the reception area. The height and size of the fountain could vary as per the available space for fountain placement. 

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So, Which Type of Fountain Would Be Best for the Reception Area? 

Well, we recommend that you should always go with what is picturesque, stunning and an art-like conversation piece for your area. And nothing can surpass the unparalleled qualities of a natural stone water fountain. It will be robust, stylish in terms of design and texture and durability to stay there as a part of aesthetic office decor in a long run. It can be a tabletop fountain in your reception area, or a multi-tier fountain on the floor in the sideways of the reception counter. In case you are looking for ideas to decorate the office reception area with a modern decor theme, then there is a range of modern style water fountains including 3D fountains and abstract fountains in various sizes that can be placed upon floor, pedestal and console table. 

If you are planning to construct or refurbish your commercial premises with a planned architecture, then you can certainly integrate additional budget to add luxury fountain decor to the reception area. Here, a waterfall panel fountain adjacent to the bordering wall in one of the corners of the reception area would be a great choice. Due to the large size of sandstone water panel fountains and granite water panel fountains, they would capture the immediate attention of the visitor with their flabbergasting aura and ambiance.  

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These water panels would look even more incredible when you plan to add a Buddha sculpture, Ganesha sculpture or of other Hindu God sculptures to it. Going with panel fountain with Buddha statue or panel fountain with Ganesha statue would indicate the fact that your reception is filled with plethora of positive vibes and energy and you are about to get a larger than life experience once you enter inside the office set-up. A perfect choice for the commercial places developed as per the planned architecture of the international standards for the stakeholders and clients of elite and exclusive circles. 

Adding your Company Logo to the Fountain is Not a Bad Idea at All…

Once you buy water fountain for office of your choice...think about adding your company logo or name to it to proudly boast the fact that the quality and design standards are identical to the values and reputation of the company. Besides, the presence of the logo on the fountain would also help the potential clients and job candidates to to realize the fact that they have reached the right place. There are some popular office water fountain manufacturers and exporters that are known to build special fountains for indoors where water does not spill outside the fountain tank. Making them a perfect choice for office reception areas. 

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The placement of fountain in office reception area is not confined to interior only. You can even place it at the external spots at the entrance of the reception area to create an impression even before an individual puts his foot into the reception area. So, get the best fountain for office decor and choose the modern way to stand out from rest of the business outlets in your region.