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Water Fountain Rules to Follow for Good Feng Shui

Water Fountain Rules to Follow for Good Feng Shui

Natural stone water fountains are deemed as formidable beacon of beneficial Feng shui energy across home and garden. But there are certain rules and guidelines that you are required to follow to fetch plethora of benefits out of them. It is imperative to understand that any water fountain, waterfall or water feature are the manifestation of water and ought to follow certain placement rules that are common with other water elements. 

But here, we would try to explore placement answers to certain spots at our home that are commonly disputed as well as debated. For instance, “which directions are good for the placement of water fountain?”, “which directions are not good for the placement of water fountain?”, “should I place the water fountain under staircase?”. There would be a heap of questions that would be hovering over your mind. Here, we would try to dig the answers for all such questions through water fountain placement rules for good Feng-shui.  

Fountain Placement Rules to Follow for Good Feng Shui 

Allow us to bring into spotlight the Feng shui rules associated with the placement of the water fountain at different areas of your home -

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Placement at the Front Door:

A water fountain can be placed both indoor and outdoor of your front door. The uninterrupted flow of the water in the fountain also supports and encourages the movement of Chi. The direction of the water flow facilitates the flow of the energy.  Always make sure that the flow of the water is towards the door and not away from it. The direction of the flow of the water determines the direction of the flow of the energy. As per Feng shui, the efforts should be to bring the energy inside the home. 

The same rule is applicable when you are placing the fountain inside the front door. Place the fountain in such a way that the flow of the water is towards the interior of the house and never towards the door. 

Placement in the Eastern Sector:

Eastern sector is normally governed by the wood element. Water is known to nourish and strengthen wood. That is why, as per the principles of Feng-shui, it would be good to place it along with a natural stone planter with a natural wood plant. The placement of the fountain near to it would help nourish family relationships.  

Placement in the Northern Sector:

It is the corner of work and career. The element of water is highly conducive with this sector and placement of water fountain here helps with career growth in life. 

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Placement in the Abundance Sector:

It is located in the southeast corner, your abundance, wealth and luck are governed by the element of wood. So the water element of a natural stone fountain feeds it. Moreover, it would be good to place it along with a natural stone planter with a natural wood plant to amplify the positive chi of Feng shui. 

Placement in the Office:

The placement of the water fountain is auspicious at both reception area as well as near the work station. Right from the tabletop fountain, cascading fountains and stone panel fountains, all kinds of fountains can be placed at the workplace depending upon the size of the area. 

Avoid Placement in the Bedroom:

Placement of the fountain in bedroom is not a great idea at all. As marital bedroom represents the fire of passion and the element of water douses that fire. 

Avoid Placement in the Bathroom:

Bathrooms already contain the element of water and the placement of a fountain there could result in the overabundance of water energy. 

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Avoid Placement in the Southern Sector:

The south sector represent the element of fire and associated with fame and recognition of achievements. As per Feng-shui, it is not an auspicious location for fountain, as water douses fire. 

Avoid Placing it Under the Staircase:

Now, answering one of the most frequently asked question, “can we keep a water fountain under a staircase?” Well, we should technically avoid it as it is deemed inauspicious. It is primarily because the presence of a staircase above it would practically restrain the vibes of the water energy, which requires a bit open surrounding. It might have a negative impact over the health, especially children who supposed to spend more time in that space. 

When you are placing the water fountain outdoors, there are certain principles and rules that you can follow for optimal feng-shui results. Some of the most appropriate directions for the exterior fountain placement as per Feng-shui are north, east and southeast to channelize positive and auspicious energy. Always keep the mouth of the water fountain or any water feature flowing towards the house to invite and welcome the auspicious energy towards your home instead of driving it away from the vicinity.