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Top 5 Buddha Statues for Hotels

Top 5 Buddha Statues for Hotels

The Buddha walked on the Earth across the Indian subcontinent over 2,500 years ago. Since then, his thoughts and learnings influenced the people not only in India but across the globe. The best part of the verses and sermons of the Buddha is that they influence the characteristics of the people in every aspect of life. With the passage of time, the mediums of imparting the teachings of the Buddha gradually transformed right from Buddhist scriptures to the Buddha statues

Even when we look at the purpose of the Buddha statue, then we would find that each mudra of the lord is symbolic to various personalities and characteristics of the Buddha. Here, the natural stone statues of Buddha are highly recommended as due to their natural stone composition they do not carry any mixing or impurities in their making. Be it a sandstone Buddha statue, white marble Buddha statue or black marble Buddha statue

The presence of the Buddha statue helps in transmission of the positive energy, be it purification of the mind, building up serenity within oneself or to avail the motivation to overcome the negative emotions such as greed, fear and jealousy. The significance of the Buddha statues in different mudras is such that their presence is not confined to home and garden only. They fully meet the decor aesthetics as well as the yardsticks of spiritual Vastu at the commercial properties of luxury stay including hotels. 

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There are certain types of Buddha statues that are ideally suited for hotels to bless the premises with goodwill and fortune and offer peace, positive energy, good health and satisfaction to the guests. Here, we are going to shed some spotlight over the top five Buddha statues that are good for hotels. 

#1 Dhyana Mudra Buddha Statue:

It is one of the most popular Buddha sculptures in hotels as its triangular shape is known to work upon circling of energy and cleansing of impurities. It can be placed in the lobby area of the hotel where the guests would like to sit in peace and connect with themselves and the surroundings. In case you have a separate meditation room for the guests in hotel, then also a meditating Buddha sculpture can be placed there facing east. 

#2 Bhumisparsha Mudra Buddha Statue:

One of the most iconic and recognizable mudras of the Buddha related to his enlightenment; which is symbolic to the transformation of the delusion of anger into a mirror-like wisdom. This Earth touching Buddha mudra is the manifestation of charity, compassion and boon-granting. Place it at the center of the lobby of the hotel, the center of the exterior lawn, etc. to instil positive energy across the surrounding for the guests and the staff alike. 

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#3 Anjali Mudra Buddha Statue:

Also known as the welcoming Buddha, it is recommended to place the idol facing east at the entrance of your hotel or the reception area of the hotel from where the guests either enter the hotel or interact with the staff for the first time. An Anjali mudra Buddha sculpture welcomes the person with a Namaskar gesture and always give a pleasant experience to the guests arriving for stay in the property. It is also a popular mudra of Yoga to alleviate mental stress and anxiety, especially to the staff in the reception area who constantly interact with a number of clients with different behavioural patterns. 

#4 Reclining Buddha Statue:

The reclining Buddha or a sleeping Buddha statue is also a wise choice for installation in the hotel premises, particularly in the lounge area. As it is the area of the hotel that guests particularly use to sit and relax especially in their free time. The reclining Buddha is the symbol of bringing harmony with oneself and helps the guests to explore the inner peace in your property that is difficult to find in the outer world. It is recommended to place reclining Buddha idol in hotel facing the west.  

#5 Abhaya Mudra Buddha Statue:

The guests seek a stay in a good hotel to eschew the commotion of the outside world. The presence of a fearless abhaya mudra Buddha sculpture at the porch walking to the entrance of the lobby is a perfect spot to place this blessing Buddha stone idol. It would fill the person entering into your hotel vicinity with positivity, calmness, confidence and assurance to experience the aesthetics of your luxury hotel in a better sense. 

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Whether we are talking about the hotels with modest features and stay or five star hotels with luxury landscape and pampering stay, the Buddha statues for hotel are always an undisputed choice. You can use these Buddha sculptures in different mudras even to create a Zen garden Buddha set-up along with natural stone fountains, Japanese pagodas and lanterns, pebble stones and rocks as well as natural stone planters

In case you are decorating the landscape with big granite and sandstone fountains with panel reliefs, then you can definitely think about going for panel waterfall with abhaya mudra Buddha statue, panel waterfall with dhyana mudra Buddha statue, panel waterfall with anjali mudra Buddha statue, etc. Hence, irrespective of the fact whether you are going for a new planned architecture for hotel landscape decor or keen to renovate an existing one, big natural stone Buddha sculptures for hotels offer you even superior choices than you have ever imagined about.