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Top 6 Buddha Statues for Hospitals

Top 6 Buddha Statues for Hospitals

There are times when the worship of the God becomes the last hope for solace and healing. Especially when one of our beloved ones is in the hospital fighting for his or her life. When we look at the construction of the hospitals with state of the art landscape and planned architecture, we would find how important is the prayer area for the patients and their relatives. 

Whether we are speaking from the perspective of the relatives of a patient about to undergo a critical surgery or a pregnant woman about to give birth to a new one with the relatives praying outside by keeping the fingers crossed. Each and every one of them prays hoping for a divine intervention to let everything happen the way it is expected. Even doctors and medical team bow their heads in front of the statue of the Almighty with the hope that their skills, knowledge, and luck work to the fullest to save precious lives. 

It is a fact that while installing a God statue, the hospitals can place them as per their religious affiliation or as per the number of patients from a particular faith. One can look forward to the installation of the Hindu God statues in general or a stone statue of Jesus if the hospital or the visitors visiting it in general is affiliated with Christian faith. 

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But there are certain statues for worship that are deemed as secular in nature and patients, doctors as well as general public from every faith can keep their fingers crossed to get their prayers fulfilled. Additionally, they also generate a general sense of positive energy and planned architecture of the hospital as per the rules of Vastu and Feng-shui. Yes, you have guessed it right! Here we are talking about the placement of the Buddha statues in hospitals

The placement of a Buddha statue would help the people of different faiths to come to one place and pray for the well being of their beloved ones. Buddhism encompasses a gamut of beliefs, traditions and spiritual practices based on the original teachings attributed to the Buddha. These teachings are common in all the three major traditions of Buddhism including Mahayana, Tibetan and Theravada. The teachings primarily focus upon the personal insights developed through the study of the laws of Karma, including its cause and effect. 

Though there is not a particular type of Buddha statue that can be deemed as imperfect for the placement inside a hospital, as all types of Buddha statues would radiate a positive aura across the hospital vicinity. But there are certain Buddha idols that carry the features and characteristics that are perfectly suitable to the atmosphere of a hospital. 

Here, we have enlisted top six Buddha statues for hospital which represent special characters of the Buddha that are highly conducive to the atmosphere that we occasionally face inside a hospital. Let us know about them one by one and how their presence is actually going to help your doctors and the patients alike.  

#1 Medicine Buddha Statue:

A Buddha carrying a bowl of medicinal herbs. Nothing can be more perfect than the presence of this sculpture in your vicinity. A stone idol of healing Buddha contains the healing qualities of an enlightened mind. It helps in healing physical illnesses as well as pacify internal afflictions of anger, desire and ignorance. 

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#2 Abhaya Mudra Buddha Statue:

It is important for both patients (and their relatives) as well as the doctors to believe in the fact that everything would be fine without a shred of doubt. They require that positivity and confidence to look beyond what would happen on the operating table. There is no other formidable source of that energy than a fearless abhay muddha Buddha idol. Also known as the blessing Buddha sculpture, its presence at the entrance of your hospital area would keep all the negative energies at bay and would grant you the patronage and refuge of the Buddha against anxiety, fear or lack of confidence. 

#3 Anjali Mudra Buddha Statue:

Also known as praying Buddha statue, it is symbolic to the well wishing of all those who are praying to the Buddha for the best wishes of themselves and their beloved ones. The mudra is made by placing both the palms together right in front of the chest. The fingers of both the hands are aligned vertically and, in certain cases, the thumbs are pointed backwards. 

#4 Vitarka Mudra Buddha Statue:

Though Vitarka Buddha statue or teaching Buddha statue is not directly associated with the praying or well being of the patients coming to the hospital. But they are extremely powerful in the hospitals that run medical colleges with students who are about to become the future doctors. The presence of a knowledge Buddha statue with the thumbs and index finger of the right hand joined together to form an uninterrupted circle of knowledge and wisdom would help students to get a healthy environment for debates and academics. 

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#5 Varada Mudra Buddha Statue:

This mudra of the Buddha is the gesture of charity, generosity and compassion. These qualities are extremely important for the medical professionals of any hospital. It features a sacred hand gesture portraying the granting of wishes, blessings, or even pardon. These qualities are extremely important for both hospital representatives and the relatives of the patients while interacting with each other. 

#6 Dhyana Mudra Buddha Statue:

Popularly known as meditating Buddha statue, it helps in attaining focus and clarity of thought. These characteristics are extremely important for doctors and surgeons while handling critical cases where they cannot stay in double mind. Praying to dhyana Buddha statue in hospital would help the doctors to remain out of dilemma and stay alert while performing their duty. 

The statues with different mudras of Buddha as mentioned above would have a positive influence upon the people inside the hospital in one way or the other. Order the right Buddha statue for hospital from a reliable stone Buddha statue manufacturer and exporter and redefine the aesthetics in a way that it always meant to be. 

May the blessings of the Buddha watch over you!