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Top 10 Buddha Statues for Farmhouses

Top 10 Buddha Statues for Farmhouses

A farmhouse is a house that has been built on an agricultural land. It provides the owner a peaceful escape from the busy city life. One can enjoy greenery, breathe of fresh air and of course a slower and calmer pace of life. If you dream to be an escapist and that too without traveling too far from the city, then nothing can beat the countryside views of a farmhouse. 

The picturesque scenery combined with the breathe of fresh air and nothing can surmount the sense of peace and relaxation that would prevail. The least amount of traffic, the least amount of noise and the least amount of pollution and of course a less stressed and more relaxed lifestyle. If you can have the cultivation with fresh fruits and vegetables near the farmhouse then you can directly source organically prepared food for your consumption amid your time of stay. 

But the quest for peace and serenity is ultimately fulfilled when we decorate the farmhouse area with different types of Buddha statues. A perfect blend of the Nature and spirituality, the presence of lord Buddha in statue form in farmhouse will help you seek the ultimate peace of body, mind and soul. 

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While looking for Buddha statue for farmhouse, it is important to realize that farmhouse is a place where the stone statue of lord Buddha in different mudras are highly compatible in terms of installation and placement. Let us look at some of the Buddha in different mudras that you can buy today for the placement at farmhouse.  

# 1 Bhumisparsha Mudra Buddha Statue:

Arguably, one of the most popular Buddha statues for farmhouse. The mudra is symbolic to the enlightenment of the Buddha and how he touched the ground to call goddess Earth (Bhudevi) to bear witness to the same. Keeping the statue facing East would help the person stay grounded with optimal control over all the senses. 

# 2 Dharmachakra Mudra Buddha Statue:

The Buddha statue in this mudra is symbolic to the time when he initiated his teachings. The mudra helps to reinvigorate the chakra inside the bearer’s body helping him or her to mark a new beginning as a transformed individual.

# 3. Anjali Mudra Buddha Statue:

It is the welcoming mudra of the Buddha. Also called the Namaskar mudra, it welcomes you as the bearer of the statue to the world. A world where you are always welcomed and makes you feel connected. One can place this Buddha at the entrance at an elevated position equal or above the eye level. The presence of this Buddha sculpture will fill you with positivity and happiness once you are about to enter into the farmhouse. 

# 4. Vitarka Mudra Buddha Statue:

Also known as teaching Buddha or knowledge Buddha, this mudra of the Buddha is associated with imparting knowledge and wisdom. An extremely beneficial sitting Buddha statue for those who choose farmhouses as secluded areas to fully focus upon their work, both related to profession and academics. 

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# 5. Dhyana Mudra Buddha Statue:

The Buddha that has attained a calm and composed state of mind along with the clarity of thought. It is one of the famous mudras of the Buddha that is associated with peace, health and wellness. If you conduct regular meditation and Yoga sessions in your farmhouse, then the presence of this meditating Buddha statue is pivotal and would inspire you to stay loyal to your health and fitness goals.

# 6. Abhaya Mudra Buddha Statue:

Another iconic and easily recognizable mudra of the Buddha. Also known as blessing Buddha or fearless Buddha, it is a formidable Buddha blessing the bearer with confidence and fearlessness. This Buddha would grant refuge and patronage to those who are seeking the protection of the Buddha. Place this Buddha idol near the entrance (main door) of your farmhouse facing East to keep all the negative energies at bay. 

# 7. Sarnath Buddha Statue:

The Buddha statue symbolic to the time when the Buddha preached his first sermon to some of his earliest followers at the deer park in Sarnath, India. Highly suitable for the open, lush green area of your farmhouse, helping you meditate in front of the lord and connect with the inner self. 

# 8. Standing Buddha Statue:

You can place a standing Buddha idol anywhere in your farmhouse landscape, especially in the areas featuring a rock garden or water fountain. It is inspired from the famous Buddhas of Bamiyan and associated with the mudra of charity, humility and compassion. 

# 9. Reclining Buddha Statue:

Also popular as sleeping Buddha statue, it can be placed facing west direction in the recreational area, hall or large size rooms of your farmhouse. The mudra associated with the parinirvana of the Buddha, it improves the Vastu as well as aesthetics of the concerned area.  

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# 10. Life-Cycle Buddha Statue:

It is a richly sculptured Buddha panel statue magnanimously featuring the major events associated with the life of the Buddha on stone. It is an ideally suited Buddha for indoor and outdoor, place it in a lush green area, closer to sunlight and water body for the most beautiful aesthetics ever bestowed upon your farmhouse vicinity. 

While buying Buddha for farmhouse, it is advisable to go with a large size Buddha statue. For perfect visibility across the large area of a farmhouse, it would be perfect to go with 3 feet Buddha statue, 4 feet Buddha statue, 5 feet Buddha statue or above. Reach Buddha statues and welcome big Buddha statue to farmhouse and find yourself overwhelmed with his benevolent blessings.