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Do's and Don'ts to Keep in Mind with Feng-Shui Placement of Buddha Water Fountain

Do's and Don'ts to Keep in Mind with Feng-Shui Placement of Buddha Water Fountain

The Feng shui placement of any product at home and garden is meant to invite luck, peace, harmony and an abundance of positive energies. There are situations at our homes both indoor and outdoor when the energies of the vicinity get stagnated due to one reason or the other. The placement of the right Feng shui product would help in the removal of these stale and stagnant energies and ensure a positive flow of new energies across the surroundings.

Why Buddha Water Fountain is the Most Popular Feng-Shui Product to Stimulate the Flow of Energies?

Buddha sculpture is always deemed as the eternal source of peace and tranquility. When the sculpture of the Buddha is infused with a water fountain, then it would bring all luck, fortune and positivity to the vicinity. A feng shui Buddha water fountain represents the element of water and flowing water constantly change the energies of interior and exterior. When the energies across your vicinity transform from one form to another, positive vibes erupt out of it, which would eventually influence our lives and decisions.

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But there are certain do's and don'ts that one required to keep in mind while installing a Feng shui Buddha fountain. Let us get a better insight about the same in the following points-

The Do's Associated with Feng shui Placement of Buddha Water Fountain

  • Keep the fountain in a flowing state and never keep the water still unless you are cleaning it or turning the fountain off due to absence of everyone in the property.
  • Keep the flow of the fountain water free and uninterrupted and there should not be any obstacles such as rocks in its path.
  • Keep the mouth of the fountain towards your house or property to indicate the inward flow of luck, good and fortune.
  • To bring prosperity and advancement in career, place the Buddha fountain in the North part of the property.
  • Place some planters in stone planters around the fountain to get bestowed with good luck, as the water (Buddha fountain) and wood (plants) energies do well together.
  • Always go for natural stone Buddha fountains that can be installed at the placement area directly and do not waste time and effort with unnecessary civil work.

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The Don'ts Associated with Feng shui Placement of Buddha Water Fountain

  • Never go for Buddha water features with sharp edges or corners as they might repel positive energies and good luck.
  • Buddha water fountains can be placed both indoor and outdoor, but bedroom, lavatory, laundry room and store room are certain areas that should be avoided at all cost. As the placement in these areas are deemed insulting to the Buddha and might channelize negative energies that might result in health issues.
  • If you are placing the Buddha fountain in ground floor or at any floor with a floor above, then also below bedroom, kitchen and bathroom are certain spots that fall under the category of bad placement.
  • Never place two Feng shui water fountains at the entrance as it may have a reverse effect.
  • Never keep a non-functional or broken (Buddha) water fountain at your home or commercial property.

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Natural stone Buddha statue fountains are always regarded as free of impurities and come with a gamut of choices. You can shop from sandstone Buddha fountain, natural granite panel fountain with Buddha, white marble Buddha fountain, black marble Buddha fountain to name a few.

You can always think about adding some elements of the Nature to the fountain tank of the Buddha for garden like small fishes, lotuses and lilies to amplify the beauty and decor aesthetics.