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How Having the Right Buddha Statue at the Right Place can Transform your Luck?

How Having the Right Buddha Statue at the Right Place can Transform your Luck?

Most of us land on different pages of the Internet exploring the answer to the question, "keeping the Buddha statue brings good luck to home?". Well, in the contemporary world when we all focus upon holistic living and mindfulness, the addition of the right Buddha statue at home is the first step towards the spiritual and materialistic transformation of the luck. It would instill positive energy as per vastu, peace and tranquility to rejuvenate body, mind and soul, and also help with meditation and decor aesthetics.

How the Presence of the Buddha as Per Home Vastu Stimulate your Luck?

The placement of the Buddha statue in the prime location helps you usher good ‘chi’ or positive energy to bring peace and harmony to your family and life.

Well, it is the time to awaken the Buddha in each one of us by nurturing mindful practices. So, allow us to throw some light over the significance of placing the Buddha at each spot of your home and how is it going to influence your luck.

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Placement of the Buddha Near the Entrance:

It is the time to experience good 'chi' right at the entrance to your home or commercial property. Placement of the Buddha near the entrance keep the negative and harmful energies at bay. Here, it is advisable to keep an abhay mudra Buddha statue at this spot. Also known as fearless Buddha, protection Buddha and blessing Buddha, here the lord keeps his right hand at the front in ashirwad mudra. It would be best to keep a sitting Buddha statue in this formidable posture.

Placement of the Buddha in the Living Room:

You can place the Buddha in the living room upon a console table, side table, or inside a display case in the living room. Here, a reclining Buddha sculpture would be ideally suited to bring peace and harmony to your home. You can even plan to have your own small Zen corner with a bhumisparsha Buddha statue or dhyana mudra Buddha statue featured with stone planters, stone pebbles, water fountain, Japanese pagoda lantern, candles and incense sticks to evoke an atmosphere of soothing calmness.

Placement of the Buddha in the Garden:

Buddhas made from different kinds of stones can be placed in the corner of our garden, amidst lush greenery and flowering plants. You can have a sandstone Buddha for garden or a marble Buddha for garden and place it near a water body, either flowing or still water. It helps in incorporating growth and rejuvenation in life. Never place the Buddha directly upon Earth, and keep the surroundings always clean. You can place the Buddha on console table or upon a stone pedestal to eschew mud or dirt at the base. You can even make a Zen garden with various attributes and accessories to deliver your garden an exotic look.

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Placement of the Buddha in the Prayer Room:

According to the Vastu traditions, a dhyana or meditation mudra Buddha can be placed in meditation room or prayer room. Here, place the Buddha sculpture above the eye level while worshipping the idol sitting on the ground. Keep the premises of the room clutter-free and with minimal furniture.

Placement of the Buddha in the Study Room:

Proper study environment is extremely pivotal for young students to excel in their academics and careers. An absolutely focused, calm and peaceful mind can work wonders when it comes fetching excellent results out of curriculum management and better study input.

It is recommended to keep a Buddha bust or a Vitarka Mudra Buddha statue as at the study desk of your children and place them face to face with your child during the study hours at the table. A Vitarka Mudra Buddha idol is the symbol of an uninterrupted knowledge and the exchange of information and a stone Buddha head is a scion of wisdom and enlightenment. The presence of such sculptures will always fill your study room atmosphere with the energy that you always desired.

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Placement of the Buddha in the Balcony or Terrace Garden:

Your terrace garden or balcony garden can easily be transformed into an ideal location for the placement of the Buddha statue. It will provide you a perfect recreational time in your balcony garden or terrace garden after having a tiring day. You can use the Buddha statue to practice Yoga or add a natural stone water fountain for the soothing sound of the flowing waters and a stone planter and a stone lantern to radiate the surroundings with positive light and energy during the evening and night hours.

Whether you are looking for the placement of the Buddha indoors in your family room for better bonding and togetherness or installation of outdoor Buddha in balcony, garden or terrace, the placement of the right Buddha at the right spot would help to channel the energy around you to eventually influence your luck. Try it with the placement of the Buddha as per Vastu, you will never regret the decision.