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Things to Keep in Mind While Purchasing Natural Stone Statues

Things to Keep in Mind While Purchasing Natural Stone Statues

Well, straight from the beginning we all can agree to the fact that natural stone sculptures are superior to the ones made from other materials in terms of quality, durability, beauty and aesthetics. That is why, we all can deliberately give preference to natural stone statues in contrast to the statues made from other materials like fiber, resin, crystal or wood. As the statues made from these materials easily break or decompose with time, stone statues would stay with you for ages. 

But when you are about to consider purchasing a statue online or offline, there are certain factors that required to be taken into account in advance. Here, we will try to shed some light over these factors one by one to make your decor shopping experience more convenient than ever. 


Firstly, try to answer what is the purpose of purchasing the statue? Whether you are purchasing it as a decoration, as a piece of art, or due to cultural or religious significance. We believe it or is one of the pivotal reasons to make up your mind. The sculpture can be brought for the puja purposes or to deliver a vintage or classic look to your home, garden and landscape

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Always keep into account where you are actually planning to place the statue, both indoors and outdoors. What are the environmental conditions to which the statue would get exposed to? Whether you are looking for a lightweight, movable option that can be shifted from one location to another, then you ought to make a selection according to that. 


Small to medium statues can be shifted from one place to another. On the other hand, weight can be a major constraint with the stone statues of larger size. As far as weight and height are concerned, then it is advisable to keep a statue up to 3 feet (in height) indoors, but all the statues above that are recommended to be placed outdoors. 


Measure the space and dimension of the area in advance and go for the statue size according to that. For the statues of large size requiring larger space, calculate the size and scale of the statue that you are about to order. If the concerned website of the brand from where you are placing the order provides you with the size and dimension information in advance, then it would be even better. 

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Check the quality, craftsmanship and attention in details. Always refer to a website that publishes original images of the statues instead of stock images. Go for 100% pure sandstone, marble and granite statues that carry 0% impurities. Read the product descriptions provided with the image of the statue in detail and clarify all doubts in advance before pressing the order button. 


Go for a statue that ideally suits the desired aesthetic, whether modern, abstract, traditional, or something else. Rest assured, the style that you can avail with natural stone sculptures is not possible with the idols made from other materials. Whether we are buying statues due to their abstract value, Buddha statue or Hindu God statues due to their spiritual and religious purposes, they should be hand carved out of natural stones for the most beautiful and embossed expressions. 

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Determine the amount of maintenance that is required to take care of the statue in a long run. These include frequent cleaning, repairs as well as safeguarding it from the environmental agents. All statues requiring low maintenance are deemed perfect in today’s busy life. Stone idols demand low maintenance in comparison to the idols made from other materials while placing them both indoors and outdoors

We hope the above mentioned factors helpful in making better choice the next time when you reach online in search of a natural stone statue. If you have already made up your mind, then reach Stonemart™️ India for the finest deals you can ever access online.