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Top 10 Buddha Statues for Resorts

Top 10 Buddha Statues for Resorts

Resorts are one of our most favorite recreational destinations where most of us prefer to escape the routine cacophony of life. Resorts are known to offer perfect peace and seclusion and someone can unwind here during the weekends as well as extend the stay for a longer vacation.

The resorts come with different amenities, yet make anyone feels like staying away from a typical urban lifestyle. Indeed, you will provide them with proper quarters, pools, gyms, sporting zones as well as delectable cuisines, but it would also be offering you rejuvenating spas, natural garden and landscape to stroll around and not to mention, Buddha statues to bring your guests closer to philosophical and spiritual perfection.

The Buddha statue for resort plays a pivotal role to bring the guests closer to divinity in their private zones as well as rejuvenate all the senses to help them dwell in a calm and composed state of mind. Indeed, arriving at a resort is one thing, but checking out after becoming an improved individual is what matters the most.

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Whether the guest is strolling in the resort garden, resting in private cabin, undergoing a spa therapy or having a leisure time resting in the lounge with a cup of tea or coffee. The presence of the right Buddha statue for resort at the right spot would make an overwhelming difference to your each and every guest.

Let us unveil the top 10 Buddha statues that are perfect for different areas of your resorts -

# 1 Bhumisparsha Mudra Buddha Statue:

It is one of the most popular Buddha statues for resort. This is the mudra of Buddha's enlightenment and recommended to be placed facing East from where the Sun rises. This mudra is the symbol of a new enlightened beginning which is of course what guests expect after having a rejuvenating experience at the resort.

# 2 Dharmachakra Mudra Buddha Statue:

We all know that the path of righteousness is what makes an individual attain peace and clarity of thought. The Buddha statue in this mudra help the guests to get closer to dharma and feel good about themselves.

# 3. Anjali Mudra Buddha Statue:

It is the gesture of namaskar or one can say welcoming the guests to your resort. It always make the guests feel special about your hospitality right from the beginning. Place this Buddha sculpture in the reception area where the guests first come in contact with your staff.

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# 4. Medicine Buddha Buddha Statue:

The Buddha that is directly associated with healing. This sitting Buddha statue with a bowl of medicine is perfect for placement in the spa, therapy room or health and wellness zone of your resort.

# 5. Dhyana Mudra Buddha Statue:

The Buddha with a calm and composed state of mind as well as clarity of thought. One of the most popular mudras of the Buddha, you can place this statue in the room or area where the guests partake in Yoga and other forms of meditation sessions.

# 6. Abhaya Mudra Buddha Statue:

Another famous mudra of the Buddha. The gesture of the Buddha is the symbol of confidence and fearlessness. The mudra is meant to offer patronage of the Buddha and grant refuge to those who seek the protection of the Buddha. Especially to the guests seeking solace from day to day commotion and the stress and anxiety associated with it. Place this Buddha statue at the entrance of the resort facing East.

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# 7. Varada Mudra Buddha Statue:

This sitting Buddha idol is the symbol of charity and compassion helping the guests connect better with the inner self. The presence of this Buddha sculpture in your resort vicinity will always make the guests feel happy and down to earth.

# 8. Standing Buddha Statue:

You can place it anywhere in your resort landscape where you can have a rock garden. Inspired from the world famous Buddhas of Bamiyan, the standing Buddha idol is a generous mudra of charity and help the person stay humble and content while being away from a materialistic surrounding.

# 9. Reclining Buddha Statue:

Also known as sleeping Buddha statue, it's placement can be ensured in the recreational or lounge area of your resort. The reclining Buddha for resort can be placed facing west.

# 10. Life-Cycle Buddha Statue:

A richly sculptured Buddha panel statue depicting all the important events of the Buddha's life on stone. The Sarnath Buddha is usually the central figure of this statue featuring him after attaining the enlightenment, the most important event of his life. It is a Buddha for indoor and outdoor, but we recommend you to place it in the lush green garden area of your resort. In case you have a natural or artificial waterfall in the backdrop of it, then it would be great.

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Each mudra of the Buddha has its own significance and bestows an extremely positive influence on individual's life. The guests arriving in resorts always hope to check out with a happy and positive frame of mind with a refreshed and rejuvenated body, mind and soul. All the Buddha statues enlisted above would help achieve the same goal in one way or the other.

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Let your resort guests get blessed by Buddha Ji today!