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6 Surprising Health Benefits of Adding a Water Fountain to your Workplace

6 Surprising Health Benefits of Adding a Water Fountain to your Workplace

If you are among the potential shoppers sitting on the fence pondering whether to buy a water fountain for your workplace or not, then you have landed on the right page. There are people who actually believe the myth that the role of water fountains are limited to home and garden decor only. The indoor water fountains can easily extend their role inside the workplaces with several physical and psychological benefits associated with their presence. It won’t be a surprise that once you understand the benefits, you immediately place the order for the natural stone water fountain for office in no time. 

Let us throw some light over six surprising health benefits of adding a water fountain to the workplace -

Reducing the Level of Stress:

According to a report published by American Psychological Association (APA), nearly 77% of the adults in the United States experience the physical symptoms of stress. Some of these symptoms are associated with increased perspiration, headaches, digestive problems, chest pain, and hypertension (high blood pressure). Here, what is more alarming is the fact that job or occupation is the primary cause associated with the stress. 

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It has been medically proven that the soothing sound of flowing water or the water trickling down a cascading fountain stimulate our sensory nerves to curtail the level of stress. A reduced level of stress would enable the workforce to work with more efficiency with increased productivity for the business owners. 

Filters Airborne Pollutants:

As per the statistics given by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air pollution is one of the top five environmental threats contributing to the increasing cases of lung disease, asthma and even death. The primary reason is the pollutants that practically keep on flowing around us all the time. The water molecules of the fountains help catch bacteria, dust, fungi, and other kinds of pollutants, essentially entrapping them and not allowing them to travel freely in the air. 

Curtail Noise Pollution:

We tend to observe a chaotic atmosphere at the workplace with loud talking and overwhelming outside distractions. When you have a water feature on your desk like a tabletop fountain or an urli fountain that can be kept on a nearby console table, then it would create a soft white noise to neutralize the cacophony of the surroundings. 

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Help Boost Creativity:

Now, allow us to slightly deviate from health benefits to the features associated with your career. When you delve deep into the Nature, it would spark creative ideas. It would enable you to work with an open mind and let the thoughts process freely without an interruption. It can be a contemporary sphere fountain or a large panel fountain with a Buddha statue to inspire you, it would enhance the office decor by adding a certain kind of style and character to your vicinity. It would detox your senses and rejuvenate mind, body and soul. 

Amplify Office Decor:

Let us all admit the fact that nobody likes dull desks or barren cubicles! Everyone likes some flair to his or her workstation. It can be achieved through desktop fountains or a two or three tier cascading water feature on the floor near the desk in case the space allows. In case you have a night shift or prefer to work in the office late hours, then adding some surface lights to radiate the surface of the fountain is also not a bad move at all! 

It Attracts Customers:

The presence of a natural stone water fountain would not only create an aura of positive vibes encircling your desk but also a radiating glow across your face. Potential clients coming to your home office or commercial office property always like such energies while coming and sitting in front of your desk. Once the meeting commences with a positive mind-set, chances would be pretty great that it would eventually conclude with a good business commitment.

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So, whether you like small fountain for office, medium fountain for office or even a big fountain for office reception, always maintain the aesthetics with sandstone fountains, granite fountains and natural rock fountains. Fountains made from materials other than natural stone cannot meet the same durability, style and decor standards. 

Always deal with a stone fountain manufacturer and exporter in India that has stayed in the business for long and understands your requirements and priorities instantly. They can even help you to consult about the right placement of water fountain in office as per Vastu when the time of the placement or installation comes.