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Top 5 Buddha Statues that can Transform your Kid’s Career and Life

Top 5 Buddha Statues that can Transform your Kid’s Career and Life

Most of the parents and guardians believe that a positive learning atmosphere at school and library is sufficient enough for the overall educational growth and development of their children. Well, that is not completely true! Having a positive learning atmosphere at home is equally important and have a positive influence on the overall persona of your children. 

To make sure that your children reach fullest of their potential, transform their study room into an area where they dare to take risks and have the will and focus to explore and grow. Now, when it comes to the creation of their optimal space, there are various components that integrate together to realize the same. The addition of certain elements to the study room of your children would completely transform the home Vastu by adding positive energy pivotal for consistent focus and academic performance.

Now, what can be better than the presence of the greatest teacher to ever walk upon Earth and sitting next to your children? Yes, here we are talking about the sculpture of the Buddha on or around the study table of your children.

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 # 1. Abhaya Mudra Buddha Statue:

The presence of this Buddha sculpture would increase confidence and fearlessness inside your children. The blessing posture of the Buddha with the right hand in the aashirwad mudra would dispel all sorts of fear, anxieties and lack of confidence from anyone worshiping it. The presence of this statue is extremely important at the entrance of your home and study room of the children, especially during the exam times when they face doubts and lack of confidence about their preparation. The presence of this blessing Buddha statue would keep such negative thoughts and emotions at bay. 

# 2. Vitarka Mudra Buddha Statue:

Also known as teaching Buddha or knowledge Buddha, the mudra captures the essence of the moment when the Buddha imparted his lessons to his followers after attaining enlightenment. The Buddha forms an uninterrupted circle of energy to transmit knowledge and wisdom by joining the index finger and thumb of the right hand. The presence of this Buddha idol would inspire your children to pursue wisdom through knowledge and clarity of thought.

# 3. Buddha Head/Bust:

The head of the Buddha is the symbol of knowledge, wisdom and enlightenment. Place the Buddha face on the console table or the study table facing the kids while studying. The presence of Buddha head would develop a sense of reality in the children as well as encourage wisdom, which is extremely important in that age. As per the experts of Vastu, the Buddha bust is known to radiate the energy of calmness and peace around the bearer. 

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# 4. Bhumisparsha Mudra Buddha Statue:

This Earth touching mudra of the Buddha is symbolic to enlightenment and a new beginning. In a student’s life, every chapter is a new beginning and it should always start with a positive note. Bhumisparsha mudra Buddha revolves around the story of Buddha’s enlightenment. When after attaining the enlightenment under the Gaya tree lord Buddha called goddess Earth (Bhudevi) to witness the same. The presence of this Buddha will fill your student with knowledge, confidence and optimistic transformation. 

# 5. Dhyana Mudra Buddha Statue:

Dhyana or meditation is the key to attain peace, composed behavior, patience and clarity of thought. Always encourage children to practice meditation in front of this Buddha statue and make the practice an integral part of their routine time table. It will help them become a better human being with each and every day and experience a positive transformation of body, mind and soul. It will help not only in attaining academic excellence but forge the path for success in different phases of life. 

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It is important to treat all Buddha statues with immense respect and never place them directly on ground. Always keep them upon the console table, study table or upon a pedestal while placing on the ground. When it comes to the academic career of your children, you cannot take chances at all. You should always go for the natural stone Buddha statues are are free of impurities. You can only get assured quality stone Buddha statues with 0% impurities only at StoneMart™ India

Visit Buddha statues and bring home lord Buddha idol and his guiding light that your child rightly deserves.