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What is the Difference Between a Dharmachakra Mudra and a Reclining Buddha Statue?

What is the Difference Between a Dharmachakra Mudra and a Reclining Buddha Statue?

When you bring Buddha statue to home, it is important to realize that it is not a mere décor product. Natural stone Buddha statue is a powerful beacon of energy and as per Vastu has the capacity to transform the negative aura in the vicinity into a positive one. That is the reason why, it is important that you get familiar with the differences between each and every mudra of the Buddha and bring home Buddha ji as per your Vastu and Feng Shui requirements. 

Here in this series, we will try to emphasize upon the differences between a dharmachakra mudra Buddha statue and a reclining Buddha statue on the grounds of their respective origin, how these mudras of the Buddha actually look, their respective Vastu and Feng Shui effects and ultimately how they should be placed. Then, you will feel free to make the decision regarding which form of Buddha sculpture would be appropriate for your home and garden

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Criterion Dharmachakra Mudra Buddha Statue Reclining Buddha Statue
Origin The history of dharmachakra mudra roots back to the first sermon of the Buddha at the deer park in Sarnath. The inception of the sermon happened with the Buddha forming 'the wheel of Dharma' with both of his hands. It is the posture associated with the Buddha attaining parinirvana to attain moksha by breaking the cycle of death and rebirth at the end of his life at the place called Kushinagar in India.
Appearance The wheel of dharma was created by the Buddha by connecting the fingers of both the hands to form a wheel. The mudra is usually portrayed through a sitting Buddha statue and reflects the shape of a wheel that is moving on a continuous basis. The three extended fingers of the right hand are the manifestation of the hearers, the realisers and the ‘Mahayana’ or the great vehicle. Whereas, the three extended fingers in the left hand are the manifestation of the three jewels of Buddhism i.e. the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha. It appears as the Buddha reclining sideways with the right hand placed underneath the head and the left hand parallelly aligned sideways with the body. Although the mudra is associated with the death of the Buddha yet there is a calm and composed smile and satisfaction on the face of the Buddha as he knows that it is the time for him to attain moksha.
Vastu and Feng-shui Effects The Dharma chakra mudra helps you to make the link with the cosmic energy. The mudra lengthens and aligns the physical posture of the practitioner along with the chakras. Practicing the mudra regularly brings happiness and contentment by warding off negative thoughts like tension, anxiety, stress and depression. According to Vastu, placing a reclining Buddha idol will bring peace and harmony to your home and garden. Ensure the placement on a clean table or shelf in order to symbolize your inner beliefs and your eternally peaceful state of mind.
Placements Place your dharmachakra Buddha idol in the east or northeast corner of your home in order to channelize the corner energy in a positive way across the vicinity. It is recommended to place this sleeping Buddha statue indoor and outdoor towards the right, facing the west. 

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A comparative assessment between a dharmachakra Buddha statue and a reclining Buddha statue through the above would help you choose the right Buddha statue as per the concerned prerequisites. Always prefer to shop for the Buddha sculpture that has been hand carved out of natural stone. Such statues are always free of impurities and deemed as the best for Vastu and Feng shui placements. Shop out of an exclusive range of Buddha fountains, white marble Buddha statues, black marble Buddha statues, sandstone Buddha statues for the above specified mudras. 

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