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What is the Difference Between a Dharmachakra Mudra and an Anjali Mudra Buddha Statue?

What is the Difference Between a Dharmachakra Mudra and an Anjali Mudra Buddha Statue?

The placement of Buddha statue at home and garden is one of the best decisions that you can ever make. Be it seeking for exemplary decor aesthetics, spiritual reasons or for the elimination of Vastu doshas, the presence of the right Buddha statue is something worth notable. One aspect is the preparation of the Buddha sculpture with 100% pure material i.e natural stone and the other is the mudra in which the stone Buddha statue has been depicted. For instance, a Buddha statue in Dharmachakra Mudra will have a different type of influence when compared with a Buddha statue in Anjali Mudra.

Here, in this series of understanding the difference between Buddha statues in different mudras, let us try to put a spotlight on the key differences between a dharmachakra Buddha idol and an anjali mudra Buddha idol.

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Criterion Dharmachakra Mudra Buddha Statue Anjali Mudra Buddha Statue
Origin The origin of dharmachakra mudra is rooted back to the first sermon of the Buddha at Sarnath. The Buddha initiated his sermon by forming 'the wheel of Dharma' and termed it as one of the cornerstones of his lessons. Anjali Mudra is one of the compassionate mudras of the Buddha that he took to indicate welcoming someone to the heart. The mudra was taken by the Buddha to showcase his respect and devotion towards all the living beings.
Appearance The wheel of dharma was formed by the Buddha by joining the fingers of the two hands to form a circle. It is usually portrayed by a sitting Buddha statue and indicated in the shape of a wheel that is continuously moving. The three extended fingers of the right hand represent the hearers, the realizers and the Mahayana or the great vehicle. The three extended fingers of the left hand represent the three jewels of the Buddhist principles i.e. the Buddha, the Sangha and the Dharma. The Anjali Mudra appears in a namaskar mudra by placing the palms of both the hands together in front of the chest. Here, the fingers are aligned vertically and, in certain cases, the thumbs are pointed backwards. The practice of this mudra connects the left and the right hemisphere of the brain to develop the overall motor control of the body.
Vastu and Feng Shui Effects The Dharma chakra mudra helps you connect with the cosmic energy. It lengthens and aligns your physical posture along with the chakras. Practicing it daily as a part of meditation brings happiness and contentment by dispelling negative thoughts like stress, tension, anxiety and depression from life. A part of Yogic practice to express humility and gratitude in life. It is a welcoming Namaskar gesture to make the person in the front feels like he or she belongs to the place.
Placement You can place dharmachakra Buddha sculpture in the east or northeast corner of your home to channelize the energy of the corner. Always place Anjali Buddha sculpture in his welcoming gesture at your entrance, porch or garden facing east. You can even place it indoors upon a console table. Keep the sculpture facing east equal to or above the eye level.

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The comparative table given above would distinguish between a dharmachakra Buddha statue and an anjali Buddha statue. Now, you can place the order for a Buddha statue as per your prerequisites. Always shop for the Buddha sculpture hand carved from natural stone. They are free from impurity and considered best for Vastu and Feng shui based placements. Pick your choice out of an extensive range of Buddha fountains, black marble Buddha statues, white marble Buddha statues, and sandstone Buddha statues out of the above discussed mudras. 

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