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Top 10 Buddha Statues for your Garden

Top 10 Buddha Statues for your Garden

Gardens are one of the few places on Earth where the Nature and humans feel connected with each other. Whether we are looking for a place to spend our ideal time reading a book or having a sip of tea or coffee by hearing the chirping of birds, then our garden is nothing short of a paradise. Additionally, if you are someone who is passionate about gardening, planting fruits, flowers and vegetables in your garden would grant you a different level of happiness and satisfaction altogether. 

Besides forging a basic connectivity between seed, soil and Sun, people like you and I can reap plethora of health benefits that are directly linked with the well-being of our body, mind and soul. Our presence in the garden helps rejuvenate our body to help fight diseases, improves memory, builds strength, reduces stress, boosts mood, helps addiction recovery, heals, empowers and not to mention fosters human connections with the loved ones. 

But the presence of a Buddha statue would skyrocket your garden experience to a whole new level. If you have everything in your garden that would make it a pleasing site to visit, including water fountain, birdbaths, planters, abstract sculptures and stepping stones, still finding a missing link, then it will surely be the presence of a Buddha statue. A Buddha statue in the garden is the embodiment of all the natural components including spirituality and humanity. 

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When you buy Buddha statue for garden, it is not like you have to confine yourself with a particular type of Buddha in a specific mudra. When you are searching Buddha for outdoor, especially for garden then shopping at a premium brand like Stonemart™ India would provide you a plethora of options to explore. Here, we will look into top 10 Buddha statues that would be perfect for your garden and out of which you can choose one or more as per your prerequisites including the availability of space, aesthetics and Vastu needs. 

# 1 Bhumisparsha Mudra Buddha Statue:

It is one of the most easily recognizable and popular Buddha statues for garden. The significance of this mudra revolves around the enlightenment of the Buddha. Yes, the eternal knowledge that he attained under the Peepal tree at Gaya after which he transformed into the Buddha. Subsequently, he called the goddess Earth (Bhudevi) to bear witness to the same. Keep this stone Buddha statue facing East in your garden to mark a new beginning. The statue also inspires the bearer to stay grounded with optimal control over all the senses. 

# 2 Dharmachakra Mudra Buddha Statue:

The Buddha sculpture in this mudra is iconic to the time when he started preaching his teachings according to the Dharma. The mudra helps to reinvigorate the chakra inside the body of the bearer by forming the Wheel of Dharma with both the hands.

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# 3. Anjali Mudra Buddha Statue:

Also known as Namaskar mudra of the Buddha, it is deemed as a welcoming gesture of the lord apart from being one of the most recommended Buddha statue ideas for garden. Place this Buddha at the entrance to your garden at an elevated position above or equal to the eye level. The presence of this Buddha in your garden would grace you with positivity and happiness and makes you feel like you actually belong there. 

# 4. Vitarka Mudra Buddha Statue:

Commonly known as knowledge Buddha or teaching Buddha, the Buddha took this mudra while imparting knowledge and wisdom. This sitting Buddha statue is perfect for garden because the Buddha used to preach his sermons in open lush garden areas. Here, the Buddha connects his index finger with the thumb of the right hand to demonstrate an uninterrupted circle of information, knowledge and wisdom. 

# 5. Dhyana Mudra Buddha Statue:

This mudra belongs to a calm and composed state of mind and achieve the clarity of thought. It is one of the famous mudras of the Buddha concerned with peace, health and wellness. If you are passionate about rejuvenating your body, mind and soul with regular Yoga and meditation sessions in your garden with family and friends, then the presence of this meditating Buddha statue is indispensable for your unflinching commitment to all health and fitness goals.

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# 6. Abhaya Mudra Buddha Statue:

Another easily recognizable and iconic mudra of the Buddha. Also called fearless Buddha or blessing Buddha, it is a Buddha in formidable mudra overwhelming the bearer with fearlessness and confidence. If you wish to attain patronage and refuge of the Buddha against negativity of life then we need not to look anywhere else. It is recommended to place this Buddha idol near the entrance to your garden facing East to ward-off all the negative energies at bay. 

# 7. Buddha Sculpture Fountain:

A Buddha idol with an integrated fountain is perfect for placement in the garden. The fountain tank can be an additional source of water for the birds in your garden and you can even decorate the water with lotuses and lilies as well as pebble stones of different colors. As per Feng Shui, keeping the Buddha fountain with the flow of the water towards the direction of the entrance of your house, then it is known to bring luck, goodwill and fortune to the house. 

# 8. Standing Buddha Statue:

The placement of a standing Buddha idol can be done anywhere in your garden landscape. Especially in the areas that are featured with rock garden or water fountain. It is inspired from the iconic Buddhas of Bamiyan and can be related with the mudra of humility, charity, and compassion. 

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# 9. Reclining Buddha Statue:

Also termed as sleeping Buddha statue, place it facing west direction and feel the Buddha accepting his parinirvana in your garden area. Although the mudra is associated with the final moments of the Buddha, still its presence in the vicinity is deemed pious and auspicious even by the experts of aesthetics décor. 

# 10. Life-Cycle Buddha Statue:

It is a splendid Buddha panel statue with graciously carved sculptures on the panel demonstrating the major events from the life of the Buddha on stone. The life cycle showcases different stages of his life right from birth and enlightenment to final emancipation from the mortal life to salvation. It is perfectly suited Buddha for indoor and outdoor, you can place it in the lush green area of your garden, closer to sunlight or a water body.  

While ordering Buddha for garden, it is recommended to always go with a large size Buddha statue. As most of the gardens feature large spacious areas, you can feel free to choose among 3 feet Buddha statue, 4 feet Buddha statue, 5 feet Buddha statue or above. Simply explore Buddha statues page and welcome your Buddha Ji to garden to find your garden overwhelmed with his eternal light and blessings.