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What is the Difference Between a Vitarka Mudra and a Bhumisparsha Mudra Buddha Statue?

What is the Difference Between a Vitarka Mudra and a Bhumisparsha Mudra Buddha Statue?

Vitarka mudra Buddha and Bhumisparsha mudra Buddha are among the two most popular and easily recognizable statues across the globe. When you try to get a detailed insight of these two mudras,  you will find that one is associated with knowledge and wisdom, while the other with inspiration and beginning. There are certain similarities and certain distinctions between both the mudras of the Buddha

Here, we will try to shed some light over the differences between Vitarka mudra Buddha statues and Bhumisparsha mudra Buddha statues, so that you can shop for the Buddha statues as per your priorities. Subsequently, we will look where you can actually ensure the purchase of bona fide natural stone Buddha sculpture online with complete peace of mind. 

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So, let us segregate these distinctions between the mudras through the table drawn below -

Criterion Vitarka Mudra Buddha Statue Bhumisparsha Mudra Buddha Statue
Origin It is the mudra of the Buddha symbolizing a perpetual exchange and flow of information. It is also the gyan mudra of the Buddha that he portrayed at Sarnath while answering the questions of his disciples related to information, knowledge and wisdom. Also, called teaching Buddha and knowledge Buddha The bhumisparsha or Earth touching mudra can be traced back to the dhyani Buddha named Akshobhya. When the demon king Mara failed to tempt Buddha from the path of righteousness, he asked the Buddha if there is someone to bear witness to his enlightenment. The Buddha extended the fingers of his right hand to touch the Earth and called upon Bhudevi or the Earth goddess to bear witness to his enlightenment; which she did and the demon king vanished. 
Appearance The stone Buddha statue features a unique mudra in which the right hand has been kept upright and closer to the heart. Here, the thumb and the index finger of the right hand are connected together to form an uninterrupted circle of energy, wisdom and knowledge. The remaining three fingers remain extended and upright.  Here, the Buddha is sitting in meditating mudra only.  But here the Buddha has extended the right hand fingers to reach towards the ground as a symbol of touching the Earth. The left hand stays upon the lap itself with the palm upwards. 
Vastu and Feng-Shui Effects This mudra is the manifestation of the transmission of knowledge, wisdom and energies through the teachings of the Buddha. The mudra is the manifestation of devoting oneself to human salvation. The presence of this Buddha statue transforms the illusion of anger into a reflective wisdom. Presence of this Buddha idol is the symbol of a new beginning and suitable to those who are keen to function upon one such belief. 
Placement This form of the Buddha spreads knowledge and develops a sense of reality. This Buddha sculpture should be placed in the debate halls, libraries, auditoriums, educations institutions, research centers, office premises, etc. Bhumisparsha Buddha is suited for placement at the central part of the vicinity. Keep this statue facing East, the direction of the rising Sun to eliminate the darkness of ignorance with the light of wisdom. 

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Now, as you have got familiar with the key distinctions between a teaching Buddha and an Earth touching Buddha, now it would not be difficult for you to realize which Buddha statue you have to order. Always prefer to shop for the natural stone Buddha statues that are hand carved leaving no scope for impurity. You can always choose out of black marble Buddha statues, white marble Buddha statues, Buddha fountains and sandstone Buddha statues in the above mentioned mudras. 

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