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Why Tulsi in Right Tulsi Planter is Extremely Auspicious for your Home Amid Ram Mandir Consecration?

Why Tulsi in Right Tulsi Planter is Extremely Auspicious for your Home Amid Ram Mandir Consecration?

The consecration of Shree Ram Janmabhoomi temple in Ayodhya is supposed to bring a spiritual and cultural renaissance not just in India but across the globe. People not just in India but in different parts of the world are planning to mark the occasion as per their own capacity. Some are celebrating by sending the gifts and donations to Ayodhya and nearby temples, bringing home 3D models of Shree Ram temple, Tulsi Mala, etc. But there are certain other important ways by which you can follow a common practice and pay your homage to lord Ram by sitting at your home in any part of the world. 

Bring home a Tulsi plant or sow the seeds of Tulsi to your Tulsi planter on the auspicious occasion of the consecration of Shree Ram Janmabhoomi temple in Ayodhya. It is because Tulsi is extremely favorite to lord Vishnu and his mortal incarnation Shri Ram. He used to worship Tulsi plant after bathing in River Saryu while dwelling in Ayodhya as well as during his stay in different parts of the Indian subcontinent during his van vas. Devi Tulsi is also identified with the wives of the other incarnations of lord Vishnu, including lord Krishna. The name ‘Tulasi’ also literally translate as "immeasurable". 

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Why Worshiping Tulsi (Holy Basil) is Extremely Auspicious as per Vastu? 

As per the principles of Vastu, the placement of Tulsi in stone Tulsi planter generates positive vibrations and peaceful environment within the house. You can plant Green Holy Basil, also called as Ram Tulsi, is a green variety of the basil plant featuring attributes identical to Purple Holy Basil. Medicinally speaking, the leaves of Tulsi plant are effective in the treatment of colds and flu. Consuming the leaves or drinking its essence in boiled water provides instant relief from gas and bloating, cleanse the respiratory tract out of toxins, and also helps in controlling and regulating blood pressure and blood sugar. 

According to Hindu faith, worshiping Holy Basil is meant to bring good luck, prosperity and fortune. The plant is deemed to be the staircase to Vaikuntha i.e. the abode of Bhagwan Vishnu. Worshiping it regularly brings the people closer to Moksha. 

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How Natural Stone Tulsi Planters from Stonemart™ India can make your Home and Garden more Auspicious? 

Stonemart™ India is presenting you sacred Tulsi Vrindavan Planter hand carved out of granite, marble and sandstone. The construction of the planter is done as per the principles of Shastras to help you get bestowed with maximum benefits. The planter comes with a Tulsi diya holder and comes with a decent height to make sure that your Tulsi plant attains good amount of Sunlight for growth. 

Our stone planter for Tulsi also helps you keep the Tulsi away from rest of the plants to prevent it from invasive weed attacks. Besides, the closed embankment of the planter also prevents the erosion of soil and by adding cow dung and rose mix to the soil the nutritional value can be increased to benefit the overall growth of the Tulsi. Place the order and shop today!