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What is the Difference Between a Dharmachakra Mudra Buddha and Vitarka Mudra Buddha Statue?

What is the Difference Between a Dharmachakra Mudra Buddha and Vitarka Mudra Buddha Statue?

Dharmachakra mudra Buddha and Vitarka mudra Buddha are among the two most famous and easily identifiable statues around the world. These two sitting Buddha statues do look identifiable to each and other and there are people who tend to believe that these two mudras are one and the same. But what is important to note is that a Buddha statue in dharmachakra mudra is different from a Buddha statue in vitarka mudra

When you try to classify these two mudras of the Buddha on the grounds of the distinctions between them, then you will find that they are not merely confined to the gestures only. Let us look at the dharmachakra and vitarka gestures of the Buddha in the table drawn below. When we shed the light over the distinctions right from the origin to the ideal placement of the statue, you can easily understand which mudra statue is ideally suited for your property. 

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Criterion Dharmachakra Mudra Buddha Statue Vitarka Mudra Buddha Statue
Origin The origin of this mudra happened in Sarnath when the Buddha used his hands to create the Wheel of Dharma and demonstrates its continuous movement. The mudra was demonstrated by the Buddha in the later stages of his sermons where he wanted to showcase an uninterrupted circle of information that leads to knowledge and the knowledge that leads to enlightenment.
Appearance Normally a sitting mudra with a moving chakra of dharma formed with the thumbs and index fingers of both the hands. The three extended fingers of the right hand represent the hearers, the realizers and the great vehicle or the Mahayana. The three extended fingers of the left hand represent the three jewels of Buddhism, which are the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha. It is usually also a sitting mudra with a circle formed only with the right hand by joining the index finger and the thumb. The remaining three fingers of the right hand i.e. middle finger, ring finger and little finger stay extended. The left hand during this mudra is neatly placed on the lap. 
Vastu and Feng Shui Effects The dharma chakra mudra guides your connection with the cosmic energy. It aligns and lengthens your physical posture together with the chakras. Practicing it daily as an integral part of meditation brings peace and happiness by dispelling negative thoughts such as stress, tension, depression and anxiety from life. The mudra is the symbolism of the transmission of knowledge, wisdom and energies through the knowledge and teachings of the knowledge Buddha. Its presence is extremely beneficial for students and young professionals.
Placement Place a dharmachakra Buddha idol in the east or northeast corner of your premises in order to steer the corner energy in a positive manner across the vicinity. The Buddha in this mudra spreads wisdom and knowledge and builds a sense of reality. A teaching Buddha sculpture should be placed in the libraries, debate halls, auditoriums, research centers, educations institutions, office premises, etc. 

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When you study the table to differentiate between a dharmachakra Buddha statue and a vitarka Buddha statue, then you would find that it is much easier to make the decision about the selection of the right statue as per your requirements. It is very important that you shop for the Buddha sculpture which has been hand carved from natural stone. By that way, the statue would remain free of impurities and ideal for Vastu and Feng Shui placements. There is an extensive range of statues available in the form of white marble Buddha statues, black marble Buddha statues, sandstone Buddha statues, and Buddha fountains for the above discussed mudras. 

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