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What is the Difference Between a Dhyana Mudra and a Vitarka Mudra Buddha Statue?

What is the Difference Between a Dhyana Mudra and a Vitarka Mudra Buddha Statue?

Dhyana mudra Buddha and Vitarka Mudra Buddha are among the two most popular and easily recognizable mudras of the Buddha with universal impact on the humanity. A dhyana Buddha, also known as meditating Buddha or Yogi Buddha helps us explore the inner dimensions of our existence and search for inner sanctity and lasting peace. While a vitarka Buddha, also called knowledge Buddha statue or teaching Buddha statue helps us stimulate the chakras of knowledge, wisdom and concentration and connects our inner enlightenment with the wisdom of the outer world. 

Though, there are certain characteristics and features of these Buddhas that are relatively common, yet there are a considerable number of differences between the two mudras. A better clarity of both the gestures (mudras) helps you order Buddha statue online as per your personal needs and requirements. 

Let us understand the difference between dhyana mudra Buddha sculpture and vitarka mudra Buddha sculpture on the grounds of their historical origin, what is the appearance of the mudras on the Buddha idols, what is their Vastu and Feng shui impact indoor and outdoor and not to mention, how and where can they actually be placed?  

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Criterion Dhyana Mudra Buddha Vitarka Mudra Buddha
Origin It is the fourth dhyani Buddha named Amitābha in meditating form. The statue has the historical connection with the meditating Buddha before getting enlightened under the Peepal tree at Gaya in the search of spiritual perfection.  The Buddha formed this mudra as a gesture of debate or a discussion mudra. He formed this mudra during a discussion and debate that he had with his pupils at Sarnath. Due to the relationship of this Buddha with wisdom and knowledge, it is also known as teaching Buddha and knowledge Buddha
Appearance The statue of the Buddha appears in the form of a triangle representing the 3 jewels of Buddhism. These are the Buddha, the Sangha and the Dharma. The palms of both the hands are meticulously placed upon the lap facing upwards with the fingers extended. Buddha’s eyes remain partially or completely closed to concentrate upon in-depth clarity of thought. The appearance of this stone Buddha statue is unique with his right hand held upright closer to the heart. The thumb and index finger of the right hand are joined with each other to form a perpetual circle of energy, knowledge and wisdom. The remaining three fingers of the right hand remain extended and upright. 
Vastu and Feng-Shui Effects The presence of this Buddha statue helps in imparting a positive aura of self awareness, relaxing energy and inner peace.  Prominent in Mahayana sect of Buddhism, the mudra represents the transmission of Buddha’s wisdom through his teachings. 
Placement You can place this meditating Buddha statue in the Yoga/ meditation room, living room, or in the corner facing East to channelize the energy from the corner across the room. As this Buddha imparts knowledge and develops a sense of reality, it should be placed in the libraries, auditoriums, debate halls, educations institutions, research centers, office premises, etc.

Once you are familiar with the distinction between a mediating Buddha and a teaching Buddha, you can go on to order one as per your given set of needs. But what is even more important is to buy natural stone Buddha idols only. A Buddha statue made from any other material would carry impurities and would not be perfect for your indoor and outdoor placement as per Vastu and Feng-shui. You can shop for 2 feet Buddha statue, 3 feet Buddha statue, 4 feet Buddha statue, 5 feet Buddha statue, and above. 

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