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Top 12 Indoor Fountain Designs for Every Type of Household

Top 12 Indoor Fountain Designs for Every Type of Household

When we learn about designer fountains for home and garden, then we usually believe in misconception that there is availability of outdoor fountains only. The fountains that are usually installed in balcony, entrance, terrace, garden or backyard. But that is not always true. There are plethora of options available for the fountains that are meant for both indoor and outdoor. Additionally, there are certain fountain varieties that are specially made for indoor use only. 

If you are struggling to find the best fountain for interior online, then you have landed on the right place. Here, we are going to throw some light over different types of indoor fountain designs that can be ordered online from a reliable natural stone fountain manufacturer and exporter. So, let us look at the gamut of varieties available to choose from as per your prerequisites and aesthetic taste - 

#1 Tabletop Fountains:

Any type of small fountains hand carved out of natural stone and can be placed upon a desk, console table or coffee table can be added to this category of interior decor fountain. You can place them in the living room, dining room or home office desk to soothe the atmosphere with the tranquil sound of flowing water. They come with a small pump that would circulate the fountain water once turned on. 

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#2 Urli Fountains with Pillar:

If you are keen to add some aesthetic décor to your interiors, especially the living room or hall in the middle of the house, then urli water fountains with pillar can help in that with ease. The pillar base would elevate the fountain tank from the surface and it can be intricately hand carved or can be kept plain and modest. An excellent choice to keep the interior serene as well as maintain the atmospheric moisture. 

#3 Tilted Pitcher Fountains: 

Fountains featuring modern unique design with the fountain mouth in the form of a tilted pitcher. The fountain base tank can be available in both square and rectangular shape that can be further decorated with pebble stones. If you wish to add a spiritual blend to it, then you can add a Buddha statue of small size on the base tank. 

#4 Cascade Water Features:

These water features or fountains do come in a considerable size and features multiple tiers to cascade the water from one tier to another, eventually falling into the base tank. It is normally installed upon the floor and normally comes in 2 tier water fountains for indoor, 3 tier water fountains for indoor, to name a few. Here, the fountain mouth at the top is usually kept distinctive and unique from rest of the tiers like in the form of a pitcher or pot.  

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#5 Contemporary Pot Fountains: 

Modern pot fountain featuring multiple tiers resembling in the form of pots. Water cascades down from one pot to another till the water reaches the base tank. These fountains for indoor come with submersible pumps to circulate the water back to the top. Like all our fountain decor products, it is highly durable and can be used for ages just by replacing the pump when the need comes. 

#6 Boulder Waterfall Fountain:

When we learn about boulder waterfall fountains then we usually think that due to their sheer size they tend to be used outdoors only. But that is not always true! There is natural stone manufacturer in India preparing exclusive boulder fountains that are compact in nature and easily be placed indoors in a spacious area.  

#7 Sphere Fountain:

Natural stone sphere fountains, popularly known as ball fountains come with globe shaped fountain mouth and an urli shaped tank at the base. The fountain mouth is usually provided at the top of the ball and the water flows down through the entire surface. The sphere and the urli can simply be detached and reset with each other and easily be shifted from one place to another. 

#8 Modern 3D Fountains:

If you are planning your interiors in a modern 3D abstract theme, then for an indoor fountain you need not to look anywhere else. 3D fountains come with twisted abstract features that create a magical illusion to the eyes. Especially when the water flows down from top of the 3D fountain surface to the base tank. 

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#9 Rock Fountain: 

Hand carved out of natural rocks excavated from the core of the Earth, these fountains bring the paragon of the Nature to your doorstep. Brought into life from original natural green rock made from the fossil composition of the Earth, These fountains can be used as both standalone units as well as the ones with a rock pillar base. 

#10 Millstone Fountains:

Popular fountains hand carved out of a classic theme, here the mouth surface of the fountain is in the form of a millstone. The water from the center of the fountain disburse across the surface that can be collected in the water tank of different shapes and sizes. 

#11 Buddha Panel Fountains:

From panel fountains with simple artwork to humongous sandstone and granite panel fountains with Buddha, you can bring home both modesty as well as opulence and grandeur. Despite their size, they can be placed in spacious areas indoor as the uniquely designed structure of the tank does not allow the spillage of the water to the surroundings. You can even substitute the Buddha to the panel fountains with Hindu God statues like Ganesha and Hanuman as per your prerequisites. 

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#12 Sculpture Fountains:

There are certain fountains outputs of creative genius in which the fountain itself is in the form of a beautiful sculpture. You can also make such sculptures an integral part of your interior decor. Some of the popular sculpture water features in international series include fish fountain, lion head water fountain, Moai sculpture fountain, etc. You can even get your statue fountains custom made as per requirements. 

So as one can see, there are an immense numbers of indoor fountain types available for you to order. However, there are not many credible natural stone fountain decor websites that can offer the widest range of collection in the above mentioned category right under one roof. But there is one global stone decor brand in India that can help you access home manufactured made in India fountains for indoors. Reach Stonemart™ and make sure to explore the trending fountains for interiors right away!