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What? Stepping Stones for the Brain Development of Kids! Know More.

What? Stepping Stones for the Brain Development of Kids! Know More.

As parents, we seriously look forward to various means to ensure a healthy and fast development for our children. Whether adding nutritional supplements to their diet or encouraging them to partake in outdoor sports, there are various means to contribute to a rapid development of their physical and mental health. But do we seriously knew that even the stepping stones that we lay in front of our porch, garden and backyard can contribute significantly to the physical and neurological development of our kids? Especially for toddlers and preschoolers, walking and playing barefoot upon naturally rough texture of the natural stepping stones

Simply give your child the task of strolling and picking up things from one spot to another or picking up flowers or strawberries that you cultivate adjacent to the pathway created with the stepping stones. It will not only engage your child in daily household chores from an early age but also improve the proprioceptive input of the feet to improve their spatial awareness. 

How Feet are the Gateway to Brain Development in Children?

Our feet are the most nerve-rich section of the human body and feature high receptive nerve endings that link the central nervous system to the neurological pathways in the brain. Walking barefoot upon robust stepping stones right from an early age helps in strengthening the foot’s arch. For instance, as per a scientific study the cases of flat feet is more prominent in the children who wear shoes from an early age and do not walk barefoot. 

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According to Angela Hanscom, a renowned pediatric occupational therapist and an American author of the book “Balanced and Barefoot” recommends letting children stroll barefoot on natural stone surface as much as possible. “The natural friction, resistance and inconsistency of natural stone surface integrates the reflexes in the foot and creates strong arches. Going barefoot out upon these surfaces helps in developing normal gait patterns, tolerance of touch in the feet, and overall motor balance from head to toe offering a strong foundation for confident and fluid movement”, she writes. 

The Benefits of Buying Stepping Stones for Garden and Backyard 

Whether you are buying stepping stones for garden or buying stepping stones for backyard, rest assured that you are investing in the overall brain development of toddlers and preschoolers in a positive sense. When you buy stepping stones online, you are gifting some of the principal benefits that would help your kid lifelong. Let us evaluate them below-

  • Stepping Stones Improve Motor Skills: According to a study conducted on children in South Africa and Germany in the year 2018, strolling barefoot improves motor skills, specifically when it comes to jumping and balance. 
  • Stepping Stones Prevent Injuries: Children going barefoot on steeping stones develop wider feet, helping to redistribute the weight of the whole body in a more even manner and prevent injuries. 
  • Stepping Stones Strengthen the Feet of Children: Wearing conventional footwear can weaken the muscles in the foot. However, strolling barefoot strengthen the muscles and ensures normal gait. 
  • Stepping Stones Help Develop New Neural Connections: Strolling regularly upon the natural stepping stone surface stimulates thousands of never endings in the feet and take the brain development of the brain to a whole new level. The walking stimulates the vestibular and proprioceptive systems inside the brain of children. This helps kids orient their bodies in space, as well as develop the skills such as balance and coordination between the left hemisphere and right hemisphere of their brain.

Are Stepping Stones Only Beneficial for Kids? 

Well, the benefits are not confined to kids only. Natural stepping stones play a stellar role for the health benefits to the people of all ages. Particularly to the people with old age suffering from the lack of muscle, joint and bone functions. Besides, people need not to worry about bringing dirt to the home or stepping upon hazardous objects on the ground as the dusting drive of the pathways created by stepping stones can easily done and kept clean. 

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