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Top 10 Decor Ideas for Commercial Establishments in 2024

Top 10 Decor Ideas for Commercial Establishments in 2024

The commercial establishments that we set-up for our livelihood are not merely the concrete structures of bricks and mortars. They are our identity, emotion and lifeline to feed our families and loved ones. That is why, when it comes to the decor ideas for newly built commercial property or even some invaluable decor ideas for a newly renovated commercial property, we believe in leaving no stone unturned. 

Just like the residential properties, the themes and concepts of commercial establishment decor are also dynamic and ever changing. That is why, we should not only be aware of the latest decor tips for commercial properties but also about the most trusted natural stone decor products manufacturer and exporter. The natural stone decor products are extremely popular for different forms of commercial establishments including stores, showrooms, malls, real estate complexes and societies, resorts, restaurants, hotels, institutions, hospitals, rehab centers, etc. 

The correct choice of commercial decor aesthetics not only uplifts your spirit as the property owner but also rejuvenate a sense of positivity in all those who enter your vicinity. Here, we are going to put in spotlight on top 10 decor ideas for commercial establishments in 2024 and where you can access the most reliable deal online for them. 

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#1. Decorate the Interiors and Exteriors with Buddha Statues:

Use stone Buddha statues that are hand carved out of natural stone including marble, granite and sandstone. Choose out of the Buddha statues in different mudras. These include Buddha statue in abhaya mudra, dhyana mudra Buddha statue, reclining Buddha, vitarka mudra Buddha statue, bhumisparsha mudra Buddha statue, Buddha statue in dharmachakra mudra to name a few. 

#2. Use Abstract Sculptures to Decorate Commercial Property Under Modern Decor Concept:

If you are emphasizing on decorating your commercial property under modern art theme, then use some abstract sculptures to get that modern art feel. You can give a serious thought about adding different birds and animals at the entrance, particularly stone statues of elephants, stone statues of lions and stone statues of peacocks hand carved in marble to reflect the grandeur of your property.

#3. Invite Perfect Fusion of Spirituality and Decor:

Any commercial property shall remain incomplete without the blessings of the Gods. Whether you like traditional sculptures of the Gods or the abstract ones, the right stone decor manufacturer and exporter can help you reach the right deal. Go for natural stone Ganesha idols, natural stone Krishna idols, natural stone Hanuman idols, natural stone Ram Darbar idols, natural stone Shiva Parivar idols, natural stone Lakshmi idols as per your faith. For the people associated with Christian faith, natural stone statue of Jesus is available to shop as well. 

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#4. Go with Indoor and Outdoor Fountain in your Commercial Premises:

Irrespective of the fact which type of commercial establishment to own, the presence of fountains is a sign of aristocracy. Whether you buy a fountain for table top or console or a large Buddha fountain, Ganesha fountain, grandessa or tier fountain for the external periphery of commercial property, the natural stone fountains would tenfold the value of your property. 

#5. Place Birdbaths in your Property Outdoors to Make it More Nature Friendly:

No one can deny the fact that both regular customers as well as potential clients prefer to buy or avail service from a property that is closer to the nature. It will also ensure the fact that your clients spend more time at your commercial space. One of the best ways is the installation of birdbaths in the outer areas to keep the space engaged with the regular activities of the birds. The presence of rock birdbaths or fountain cum birdbaths would make you the follower of the path breaking trends of décor. 

#6. Use Vintage Stone Lamps to Radiate the Property:

It does not matter which type of commercial property you own, the concept of lighting opted by you matters a lot. Here, instead of relying too much on conventional lighting, radiate your favorite spots with natural stone lamp posts. Specially designed and exported with shock-proof features, these natural stone lanterns are hand carved from natural granite and sandstone. You can also buy Japanese pagoda lanterns from the international series now exclusively made in India at Stonemart™.  

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#7. Use Stone Uralis to Amplify the Aesthetics:

When our clients enter our commercial premises, the ambiance that we offers them matters a lot. Amplify the ambiance through the aesthetics that they can feel while entering through the corridor and reaching the console inside. One of the best ways to do so is with natural stone urulis that you place at certain designated spots. Change the water and add flowers and essential oils for fragrance on a daily basis and create a positive aura with granite urlis. Lighting the water with floating candles in sandstone uralis to create a festive ambiance at your commercial vicinity during evening and night hours is also not a bad idea at all.  

#8. Place Natural Stone Planters to Make the Property Eco-friendly:

Instead of relying upon brick and mortar aesthetics, explore the décor concepts that bring your clients closer to the nature. Here, using highly durable and easy to move stone decor planters would be a smart choice. They help you nurture your favorite plants at your chosen spots without worrying about invasive weeds or other kinds of external damages. 

#9. Let the World Know your Brand Value with Stone Signage:

How you present the entrance to your commercial property tells a lot about your brand. Time to make your entrance anything but ordinary with natural stone signage with the name of your brand inscribed on stone. Reflect your class, elite standards and pristine décor taste with stone signage for commercial property oozing prestige and opulence. 

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#10. Go for Natural Stone Furniture Instead of Ordinary Ones:

The furniture that we set-up for the clients tells a lot about how much we value their presence in our property. Which is why, it is strongly suggestive to never settle for anything ordinary made from wood or fiber. Order natural stone sittings, tables and benches to let your commercial property stand away from the crowd. These sandstone furniture are not only stylish and elegant in terms of design but also all weather friendly to last at your commercial establishment for the ages. 

Reach, an ISO 9001:2015 and CE certified top manufacturer and exporter of stone decor products for commercial establishments since 2005. It is the time to make your clients feel special as you are never settling for ordinary aesthetics. Apart from India, we export natural stone luxury decor products for commercial properties globally including the United States, the UK, Canada, Australia, the Europe, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Muscat, Doha and other parts of the Middle East. 

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