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Where to Keep the Water Fountain in the House as per Vastu?

Where to Keep the Water Fountain in the House as per Vastu?

When we integrate natural stone water fountains to our interior décor set-up then we are assuring the inclusion of something that is meant to stay there at our house for generations. We cannot anticipate the same kind of durability from the cheap décor imports made from ceramic, polymer, wood and other types of inferior quality materials. 

Well, we all can agree to the fact that the selection of the water fountain made from the right material is important, but its correct placement to reap maximum Vastu benefits is equally important. It is only because of the correct placement of the water feature that it could channelize the cosmic energies of the universe to make our home a positive place to dwell in. 

How and Why the Water Fountains Should Always be Placed in a Certain Direction? 

Well, According to the principles of Vastu Shastra, the best directions for the placement of the water fountains are the north, north-east and east. As these directions are deemed ideal for the placement of the water elements. Whether we are going with a simple tabletop fountain placed upon a console table or a huge sandstone or granite panel waterfall, they have the capacity to invite positive vibes into the house. 

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The directions mentioned above are ideally suited for the placement of the indoor fountains. If we go as per the garden Vastu, then the north-east or east directions are regarded as the perfect ones for the placement of outdoor fountains. The color associated with this space is white, that is why marble water fountains or white sandstone fountains can work wonders at these spots. 

North-west direction is not considered to be the best for the placement of the fountains for interior as per the rules of the Vastu. But in case there are no adequate spaces available in the above mentioned directions, then we can place it in the north-west corner as well. But try to place it along with some kind of metal to neutralize the negative aspects related to the placement. 

Why the Water Fountains Should Not be Placed in Certain Directions?

According to the principles of the Vastu, it is not recommended to place the fountains in the south, the south-east and the west directions. As these directions are not deemed compatible with the element of water. 

Additionally, the water fountain should not be placed in the middle of a property. As it can obstruct the flow of the energies across the vicinity and might even stop it from reaching full of its potential.

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In brief, let us understand the whole concept of home Vastu regarding the water fountains made from natural stone with the help of the following table -

Home Direction Vastu Recommendation
North-East Recommended
North Recommended
North-West Try to Avoid
East Recommended
Center Try to Avoid
West Not Recommended
South-East Not Recommended 
South  Not Recommended
South-West Try to Avoid

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How the Direction of the Fountain Water Decides the Flow of Energy, Wealth and Fortune?

When we look at the spots where the stone water fountains can be kept, then placing them in the living room near the main entrance of the home invite positive energies. Besides, it will also ward-off the negative energies from entering the house. Here, the direction of the fountain water also decides the flow of energies, wealth and fortune and whether it will go inside the house or leave the vicinity to move outside. 

Please note that the fountain waterfalls and fountain water features should be placed in such a way the flow of the water should be towards the direction of the house. It is the symbol of goodwill, luck and wealth flowing inward with the flow of the water. The flow of the water should never be kept outward or towards the opposite direction of the house.