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3 Most Important Things to Know While Placing Ganesha Sculptures

3 Most Important Things to Know While Placing Ganesha Sculptures

Shri Ganesha, also known as Shri Ganapati is one of the most popular Hindu Gods with widespread popularity across different sects of Sanatana Dharma. The popularity of Hindu God Ganesha is spread across the Buddhists and Jain sects alike. Also termed as Vinayaka, the god is deemed as the patron of wisdom, remover of obstacles, and worshiped at the beginning of any action or event for prosperity and success. It is primarily due to these attributes that you can find Ganesha stone sculptures in almost every Hindu shrine. 

While looking at one of the most favorite Hindu God statues that one seek for prana pratishta (spiritual Vedic placement) at home, vault and various commercial establishments, then Ganesha is known to be featuring all these special attributes. But there are certain factors that are always required to be kept in mind while ordering and placing Ganpati idols at home and different commercial properties. Let us throw some light over them one by one - 

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Where to Place the Ganesh Ji Murti at Home:

Most of us are not well familiar with the fact that there certain places where stone Ganapati murti can be kept and not everywhere. When you buy Ganesh ji statue for home, then best area to seat the statue would be the northeastern-most part of the home. If you are placing the Ganesha murti with other Hindu god statues, then it is recommended to seat it at the right-hand side. 

As per Vaastu Shastra (traditional Vedic architecture), the position of the idol helps in the flow of chakra in the temple. It is also extremely common to have an idol of lord Ganesha next to or above the entrance of the home. When you are buying Ganesha statue for entrance, it would welcome positive aura to the home and halt the negative vibes at the entrance only and never allows them to influence the bearer in the vicinity.

The Mudra of the Ganesha Murti:

Natural stone Ganesha sculptures do come in different postures (mudras). Different mudras of Ganapati release different vibes with different forms of influences. One of the most common form is the meditating or sitting mudra, known as lalitasana. There are certain mudras not both the legs are folded. Here, we are talking about the stone Ganpati sculptures where one leg is on the ground while the other has been mounted on his vahana Mushak (the mouse).  Here, the lord is concerned with the earthly affairs and help his followers by removing obstacles and forms a calm atmosphere of perseverance and determination. 

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The standing Ganesha statue or dancing Ganesha statue (nritya mudra Ganesha) helps in transforming the atmosphere into a creative, vibrant and artistic one. The sitting Ganesha statues are deemed ideal for home, while his standing postures are considered to be the best for work environments and different types of commercial properties. 

The Position of the Trunk:

The position of the trunk is one of the simplistic features, yet very important one that we usually tend to overlook. While purchasing a Ganesha stone statue, choose one according to the position of the trunk, as each position has its own significance. The three most conventional positions of the trunk shall include Vamamukhi, Dakshinmukhi murti, and Shushumna. Vamamukhi trunk hangs to the left and one of the easiest to please, as it is associated with calmness, happiness and success. Also termed as Vastu Ganesh, as this Ganesh mudra is ideally worshiped to solve the concerns related to Vaastu. 

On the other hand, Dakshinmukhi murti trunk hangs to the right. It is widely believed that the energy of the Sun flows through the trunk of this murti. Worshiping this form of Ganesha might be a bit tricky. As per the Vedic tradition, it is imperative to worship this Vinayaka idol in a proper order. If the bearer worships the murti with such a position of the trunk, he or she get immediate results, along with the blessings for moksha (emancipation from reincarnation). However, if proper customs are not followed while worshiping Ganesha stone sculpture, then all the good results earned from its worship are burned away by the energy of the Sun. 

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The final position of the trunk that we will discuss is Shushumna. Here, the trunk of lord Ganpati hangs down straight. Such Hindu God sculptures of Ganesha are rarely hand carved. Worshiping one such Ganapati idol is considered to be extremely auspicious. 

So, as discussed above, whenever you are ordering Ganesha statue for home, just keep in mind the characteristics and aspects as mentioned above. You can order natural stone Ganesha sculpture, natural stone abstract Ganesha sculpture or natural stone Ganesha sculpture with fountain for your garden. Just mark the reasons due to which you are about to order Ganpati idol online and choose the one with features and characteristics that can fulfill all your aspirations and desires.  

May the blessings of Ganpati Bappa shall always be bestowed upon you!!