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Living Room Ideas to Skyrocket Decor Aesthetics for the Coming Winter

Living Room Ideas to Skyrocket Decor Aesthetics for the Coming Winter

It would only take a couple of months for us to welcome the winter season this year. Well sooner the better, it is the time to revamp the interior of your house, primarily the living room to perfectly match the most suitable aesthetics for the winter. It will not only bottom line your lifestyle within your vicinity but also make your living room a hot topic of discussion among the guests, friends and family members of your exclusive social circle. Let us learn how to decorate the living room with modern themes and ideas. 

Let us look at certain simple living room décor ideas that are easy to implement yet having a profound impact when it comes to amplifying the interior design of living room tenfold-

1. Coffee Table: When you are spending a quality time in your living room during winter then a cup of coffee during morning and evening hours would be worth it. We recommend you to include a natural stone coffee table to your list of decor plans. Natural stone easily retains the room temperature and if you have taken necessary measures to keep the living room warm during winters. Stone table would be a perfect companion when you planning to have a sip of hot coffee solo or with a group of friends. 

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2. Natural Stone Seating: The natural stone seats are highly reliable and are highly considered these days as a part of contemporary stone decor. When you are planning to decorate the living room in terms of material aesthetics and colour contrast, then these stone seaters go perfectly well with stone coffee tables. Additionally, due to being naturally heavy and not hollow, they do not get displaced or result in a fall to the occupant.
3. Natural Stone Lanterns: When you are planning interior design for the living room as per your winter needs, it is imperative to incorporate the attributes to keep the premises bright and warm as there will be minimal opening of doors and windows. Adding natural stone lamps not only beautify your living room as per conventional and modern decor theme but also offer enough light and warmth to the premises. As per Feng shui, adding ntural stone Japanese pagodas to your drawing room is also known to ward off negative energies and evil spirits from the vicinity. So, you do not have one but many reasons to buy a pair for your drawing room. 

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4. Natural Stone Urli: The presence of the element of water is always deemed powerful for the vicinity. It's because as per Feng shui, the presence of water in a container is known to bring balance and harmony to the premises. You can place the natural stone uruli at the entrance of your living room or over a console table inside. If you wish to brighten up your drawing room during dusk or night time with natural lighting then why not light up a few floating candles in the urli water? It will also keep the temperature warm in comparison to other rooms in the property. 

Bonus Tip: When it comes to concepts and themes of indoor decor, then offering a blend of spirituality is not an odd thing to do at all. You can think about adding a stone Buddha statue that can be placed on a console table. If you have a spacious area in your living room then you can even go for 2 feet Buddha statue or 3 feet Buddha statue as well. 

We fully hope that the themes and concepts that we discussed above for your lifestyle decor ideas associated with the living room would be worth your time. If you are keen to learn more on how we can help you with home and garden decor ideas, then feel free to connect with us at +91-9413348979 or mail us at or visit