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Lesser Known Home Decor Tips that Vastu and Feng Shui Experts Recommend

Lesser Known Home Decor Tips that Vastu and Feng Shui Experts Recommend

No one can deny the fact that natural stone decor products ooze superior aesthetics due to their premium quality unaffected by weather for ages. Unlike décor products made from other materials, here the natural shine that can easily be restored by basic cleaning and dusting. But what is equally important is the fact that there are certain décor products when placed correctly at the right spot in the right direction can easily fill the void or reinvigorate the stagnant energy as per Vastu and Feng Shui.  

Indeed, the utility of home decor stone products are beyond indoor and outdoor aesthetics. But when we give serious thought to what Vastu and Feng Shui experts have to say about certain natural stone decor items, then we would find that the free of impurities characteristics are extremely beneficial as per Vastu and Feng Shui when placed in the right direction. 

Let us get familiar with some of the tips and facts here -  

Placing the Buddha Statue at the Entrance:

The placement of the stone Buddha statue at the entrance of your residential or commercial property prevent the entry of negative energies and vibes inside. Here, the experts of the Vastu advise the placement of an abhaya mudra Buddha statue facing east at the entrance. The presence of this Buddha idol in abhay mudra helps to overcome fear, anxiety, depression and lack of confidence. 

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Place Fountain Underneath the Staircase:

Leaving the space underneath the stair case empty is deemed negative as per the Vastu and can result in the stagnation of the energy at the particular spot. Here, the placement of a small size fountain or a medium size fountain underneath the staircase will not only enhance the aesthetics but the flowing water channelizes the flow of energy in that area to imbibe positivity from one corner to the other.

Place Uruli in Ishan Corner to remove Vastu Dosh:

To eliminate the Vastu dosh from your living room, corridor, balcony or hall, it is best to place a natural stone urali upon the floor, pedestal or console. The presence of water in the uruli brings the balance, stability and harmony of the water element with respect to its surroundings. Place the urli in the north-east corner (also known as Ishan corner) to achieve the best results. You can even add a few drops of essential oils to increase the fragrance of water to help you feel more positive and refreshing while dwelling in the surroundings. 

Place Sculpture Fountain Direction Towards the Entrance:

Sculpture fountains are extremely popular outdoors. Whether we are talking in sense of modern abstract sculptures or sculptures of specific deities. Here, Buddha fountains and Ganesha fountains are extremely popular outdoors due to the Vastu benefits associated with them. Here, what is important is that the direction of the flowing fountain water should always be towards the entrance. As per Feng Shui, it would promote the flow of wealth, fortune, prestige and goodwill into the house.

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Place Lamps and Lanterns to Remove Negative Energies:

Placement of natural stone lamps and lanterns not only provide you sublime options in comparison to ceiling and wall lights but according to Feng Shui, their light ward off negative spirits and energies from the property, especially during the dusk and at night. 

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