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Top 10 Decor Ideas for Your Newly Renovated Home in 2024

Top 10 Decor Ideas for Your Newly Renovated Home in 2024

There are various reasons due to which most of us aspire to renovate our homes at least once in a lifetime. The reasons can be with the aim to increase the property value, to make the premises more energy efficient, to change the Vastu, style and theme of the house, to improve the safety standards of the house, to increase the space, comfort and custom functionality and to deliver the dream look to your home at a cheaper rate in comparison of buying a new home. 

But once we reach the final stages of the home renovation work, it would be the time for us to give some serious thought to the interior and exterior decor of the newly renovated home. If you are fully renovating your home, but not bringing change to the aesthetics, then it would not deliver you the most desired change. That is why, it is imperative for you to look forward to the most professional indoor and outdoor decor tips for new home

Here, we are going to spotlight upon top 10 decor ideas for newly renovated home in 2024 by solely focusing on the theme of natural stone decor. It is primarily because the aesthetics, style, quality and durability that one can find with granite, marble, sandstone, quartz and slate is unparalleled. We will never find one such pristine quality of aesthetic design with the décor products made from other materials. 

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Let us look at trending decor ideas for a newly renovated home below-

Buddha Statues are a Must Have Addition:

The statues of the Buddha are known to deliver peace, tranquility along with elegance and aesthetics. The Buddha statue would be an ideal decor idea for newly renovated house. Choose your favorite natural stone Buddha from the most flabbergasting collection of white marble Buddha sculptures, black marble Buddha sculptures, and sandstone Buddha sculptures with unparalleled quality and durability. 

Different mudras of the Buddha offer different aesthetic and Vastu benefits. So, shop out of dhyana mudra Buddha idols, bhumisparsha Buddha idols, dharmachakra mudra Buddha idols, abhaya mudra Buddha idols, anjali mudra Buddha idol, vitarka mudra Buddha idols and reclining mudra Buddha idols and pick your favorites for placement at the entrance, living room, balcony, corridor, garden and terrace of your renovated house. 

Delve into Royalty with Abstract and Animal Sculpture:

Decorate your newly renovated home in Asian or European theme with the help of huge birds and animal sculptures. You can give a serious thought about adding marble elephant statues, marble lion statues and marble peacock statues and make your guests enjoy an otherworldly feeling while entering the decorated house. Order abstract sculptures for home to improve the aesthetics under European décor theme. 

Thank the God by Installation of Hindu God Statues:

After successfully completing the renovation work of the house, it is the time for you to express your gratitude towards the favorite deities. You can do so by ordering the natural stone sculpture of Hindu God that you daily worship. These can include stone sculpture of lord Ganesha, stone sculpture of lord Shiva, stone sculpture of lord Ram, stone sculpture of lord Krishna, stone sculpture of lord Hanuman, stone sculpture of lord Vishnu, stone sculpture of goddess Lakshmi, stone sculpture of goddess Saraswati to say a few. For the home owners belonging to Christian faith, a stone sculpture of Jesus Christ would be a perfect choice. Natural stone idols of Gods are deemed perfect according to Vastu as they carry no impurities. 

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Add Fountains to Exterior and Interior Decor:

The natural stone fountains hand carved out of sandstone, granite, marble, slate or any other popular stones not only skyrocket the aesthetics of a newly renovated home but also rejuvenate the ambiance with constant cascading flow of water. Shop today for cascading fountains, 3D fountains, sphere fountains, grandessa fountain, sculpture fountains, millstone fountain, Ganesha fountain, Buddha fountain, large panel fountains and uruli fountains to embellish the look of your garden, backyard, living room, hall, entrance, console, terrace, and balcony of your lately renovated house. 

Keep the Balcony, Garden and Backyard Busy with Birds:

A truly transformed home is the one that is closer to the nature. Order exquisite birdbaths and fountain cum birdbaths out of the natural stone collection of international series. Appoint a particular spot for the purchased natural rock birdbath, bird feeder and monoliths for the birds to sit, play, preen and refresh themselves with plenty of water and food. Choose the spots that offer shade and are free from predators. 

Renovate the Ground Light Settings with Stone Lamps:

While renovating the home, we need to look beyond conventional roof and wall lighting. The use of vintage stone lamps and pagoda lanterns helps in radiating the exact spots with surface lights. As per Feng Shui, the installation of Japanese pagoda lanterns are known to ward off negative vibes and evil spirits from the recently built vicinity. 

Place Stone Urlis in Newly Renovated Home:

Natural stone granite uralis and sandstone urlis are known to render the finest décor aesthetics for the entrances, corridors, gardens, consoles, balconies of the newly built home. Their presence improves positivity and according to Vastu promotes harmony and financial stability inside the premises. Order urulis for new home and enhance the ambiance and generate a festive mood by filling their water with flowers, floating candles and dropping essential oils for fragrance.  

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Make Smart Use of Empty Spaces with Stone Planters:

Get natural stone planters for renovated home and place them at designated empty spots to make the premises Eco-friendly. Fill the empty spots in your renovated living room, hall, terrace, balcony, porch as well as garden and backyard. Right from large urn planters and small rock planters, you can conserve water and soil and safeguard your favorite plants from the invasions of weed. 

Do Not Forget to Add Stone Signage to Newly Renovated Home:

We all make a considerable investment for the renovation of our homes? Then what would be its use without offering our home a special brand or identity? The best approach would be adding a natural stone signage at the entrance of your renovated house. Whoever enters the vicinity, ought to feel the grandeur with just a glimpse of the stone signage. A signage on stone for home marks strength and aristocracy and it is the time for you to order one from Stonemart™. 

Renovate the Furniture Design Concept:

If you are renovating the home but not changing the furniture, especially for the outdoors then the whole grand décor plan shall remain incomplete. Go for exclusive furniture settings that reflect contemporary style, futuristic elegance and timeless durability. Here, natural stone furniture including natural stone benches, natural stone tables and natural stone sitting deliver the panache of luxury that your exclusively renovated home rightly deserves. 

Reach and bring the top 10 decor tips for newly renovated home into reality in 2024. Stonemart™️ is the leading ISO 9001:2015, CE certified largest stone manufacturer and exporter in India since 2006. For the last 18 years, the global home decor brand is transforming natural blocks of stones into awe-inspiring décor valuables. Your most fascinating home and garden decor dream is just a matter of click away!