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Simple DIY Steps to Create a Perfect Yoga Room

Simple DIY Steps to Create a Perfect Yoga Room

In the contemporary world with full of stress, it is imperative to dedicate some time to health and fitness. Here, devoting 30 minutes everyday performing different asanas of Yoga would bestow us with healthy body and calmer mind.

Now we are not going to advise you to join Yoga classes spending your money, time and energy going there and coming back. Rather, share with you some DIY (do it yourself) steps for the creation of a perfect Yoga room with all necessary settings at your home itself.

De-Clutter as Much as Possible:

The room that you intend to use as Yoga room should be as vacant as possible. It should be an area that is free from unnecessary distractions and only the things that are essential for your meditation activity should be there.

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Select Calm Colors for the Room:

For the meditation and Yoga rooms, it is preferable to go with the colors that do not strike the eyes. Always opt for muted, cooler tones or warm whites that arouse a feeling of relaxation.

Use Buddha Statue:

For constant inspiration, buy stone Buddha statue and place it in front to create a perfect ambiance. For Yoga purposes, a meditating Buddha statue (also called dhyana mudra Buddha statue) or an anjali mudra Buddha statue would be perfect. You can even think about going for an abhaya mudra Buddha statue or vitarka mudra Buddha statue for that matter.

Use Correct Yoga Mat and Outfit:

Prefer a gripping Yoga mat with extra cushioning, non-slip, sweat-absorbent properties. Always wear a flexible outfit that would make you feel comfortable while practicing different forms of Yoga postures.

Set the Mood with Lighting:

Always prefer to light the area or the room with the form of lighting that is neither too bright nor dim. If you can have open windows with natural sunlight coming in then it would be even better.

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Set the Right Audio:

Turn on light, soothing music in the background to keep your hearing senses a bit engaged. If you have your own personal inspirational tracks then never hesitate to play them on loop. Light music is not everyone's cup of tea. If you find it annoying or distracting then you can skip this set-up in whole.

Use Abstract Yoga Sculptures:

Use the remaining space to install Bali abstract sculptures in different Yoga positions to create the most awe-inspiring ambiance. There are different Yoga sculptures available in some of the most popular mudras. These include dhyana Yoga statue, sukhasana Yoga statue, padmasana Yoga statue, ardha matsyendra Yoga statue, parvatasana Yoga statue, dhanurasana Yoga statue, vajrasana Yoga statue, to mention a few. Buy Yoga statues in different mudras and get bestowed with the most perfect ambiance that you ever dream about.

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