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Top Luxury Home Decor Brands in India

Top Luxury Home Decor Brands in India

The global trend of home decor is changing at an unprecedented pace. Whether we speaking terms of adding panache to our interior or exterior decor, terrace or balcony decor or home and garden decor, the decor trends are not confined to one continent of the globe only. Here, India is also not an exception to it! With a rapid expansion of affluent and upper middle class sections in the Indian society, people are now taking their luxury home decor trends seriously. 

The concept of luxury decor is distinct when compared to our idea of conventional decor. While traditional decor is merely an aspiration, luxury home decor revolves around passion, class and social status. Stonemart™ understands the pulse of the dynamic modern decor trends. Being the pioneers among the luxury decor specialists of the industry for the past 18 years, we are not just innovators but path breakers. Our specialised teams of exterior and interior decor specialists bring into life some of the most lavish decor creations hand carved by our most talented Stonemart™ artisans. 

Nearly Two Decades of Journey Oozing the Panache of Luxury 

Stonemart™ is the top luxury decor brand in India as well as one of the most reputed brands offering international series of decor items around the globe. That is why, we have an elite clientele in all the major international markets of luxury brands across the world. It is primarily because of our unparalleled natural stone quality and unflinching brand value that we are a popular luxury home decor brand in the United States, luxury home decor brand in the UK, luxury home decor brand in Canada, luxury home decor brand in Australia, and luxury home decor brand in the Europe

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The footprints of our global decor brand can also be seen across the Gulf and Middle-Eastern countries. Our exclusive list of affluent clients in the region makes us the most prestigious luxury home decor brand in Dubai, luxury home decor brand in Abu Dhabi, luxury home decor brand in Saudi Arabia, luxury home decor brand in Oman, luxury home decor brand in Qatar, luxury home decor brand in Bahrain and other important markets. 

Right from the selection of the stone blocks for manufacturing to international standards of packaging for both Indian and global markets, there are certain yardsticks we never compromise. The natural stone decor products are not designed and hand carved by keeping in mind the concept of ordinary homes. The natural stone decor items are manufactured for exclusive homes with a planned architecture. The exclusive home decor products that we prepare are always made by keeping in mind their perfect fusion with traditional, contemporary and even futuristic home design and planning.

Our Luxury Decor Products are Beyond Aesthetic Set Pieces....They are Status Symbols 

Our natural stone luxury decor products are not hand carved as mere decor pieces of aesthetic value. They are deemed to be the status symbol of the vicinity in which they are installed. You cannot gratify the elite admirers of art with anything less than extraordinary. They are meant to outshine the conventional benchmarks of decor aesthetics and make your decor taste a talking point among your elite social circles. Our decor products are meant to deliver an otherworldly feeling once people enter the area where they have been installed. 

Some of the exclusive sets of luxury decor products that you can seriously think about shopping at Stonemart™ include - 

Luxury Buddha Statues:

The presence of Buddha is extremely auspicious and reflect elegance, grandeur and spirituality. Here, we are not talking about the Buddha statue made from ordinary materials. We are talking about natural stone hand carved Buddha statues that are free of impurities. That are as pure as your taste for luxury. Brought into life out of the expensive and rarest varieties of granite, marble and sandstone excavated from the core of the Earth. They are hand carved from a single block without artificial joints. Feel the luxury, purity and panache of white marble Buddha sculpture, black marble Buddha sculpture, sandstone Buddha sculpture, as well as custom made Buddha statues only at Stonemart™. 

Get the widest range of the Buddha in his most popular mudras online including dhyana mudra Buddha statue, abhaya mudra Buddha statue, vitarka mudra Buddha statue, reclining mudra Buddha statue, bhumisparsha mudra Buddha statue, dharmachakra mudra Buddha statue, anjali mudra Buddha statue, Bamiyan Buddha statue, lifecycle Buddha statue to name a few. Go for 5 feet Buddha idol, 4 feet Buddha idol, 3 feet Buddha idol, and 2 feet Buddha idol as per the availability of space and height at your favourite spot for installation. 

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Luxury Water Fountains:

Fountains are synonymous to luxury. Whether we watch grandessa fountains, sculpture with fountain, granite panel fountains in palaces or movie sets or boulder fountains, ball fountains, multi-tier cascading fountains, 3D fountains, millstone fountains, uruli fountains for living room, console or balconies, their presence reflect aristocracy and opulence. If you are a firm believer in Vastu and wishes to add a twist of spirituality to your high class decor taste, then it is the time to give some serious thoughts to Ganesha fountains and Buddha fountains at your property.  

Luxury Birdbaths:

Our social status appear to be a bit incomplete without contributing to make our society and the surroundings better. And what could be a better way than helping countless birds in the scorching summer heat with rock birdbaths, rainbow sandstone birdbaths, and birdbath fountains placed in your garden, balcony, terrace and backyard? Going for natural stone birdbaths always reflect your decor taste and social stature. It reflects how perfectly you bring a fusion of decor and social service at one spot. Don’t forget to buy a natural stone bird feeders and monoliths to make the feathered guests of the Nature feel at home. 

Luxury Hindu God Sculptures:

Several people live with the misconception that luxury and spirituality cannot go hand in hand. Well, our gifted decor experts and talented stone artisans at Stonemart™ love to prove people wrong. Whether you are looking for Hindu God statues with traditional stone craftsmanship or modern abstract stone sculptures of the deities, we have you fully covered. Natural stone God idols are free of impurities and deemed perfect in terms of Vastu and worshipping. Witness the most awe-inspiring collection of abstract Ganesha sculptures, Hanuman idols, Shri Krishna idols, as well as the complete Shiv parivar for your temple only at Stonemart™. 

Luxury Abstract Sculptures:

For the people of elite class with familiar memories of the sculptural works of Rodin, Bernini and Michaelangelo, lavish sculptures are a must have addition to their properties. Finding 100% bona fide abstract stone statues and modern abstract sculptures online manifesting the epitome of creative imagination is not an easy job at hand. Finding the real deal for abstract sculptures online is what we at Stonemart™ are helping our exclusive clients with for the last 18 years. 

Luxury Stone Lamps:

Order luxury stone lanterns and Japanese pagoda lanterns that are now exclusively made in India only at Stonemart™. Radiate the vicinity with both traditional stone lamps and modern stone lamps and experience the royalty of mansions and palaces at your home. 

Luxury Stone Uralis:

Natural stone urlis are small but an indispensable component of modern affluence class decor. Order sandstone uruli, granite urli, urali for entrance, uruli for console, uruli for festivals and fill the water with flowers, floating candles and essential oils for fragrance. The rejuvenation of your senses would help savour what opulence actually feels like. 

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Luxury Stone Furniture and Gazebos:

Forget the garden furniture made from wood or fibre. Your every moment of get together and king size celebrations demand luxury stone tables, luxury stone sittings, and luxury stone benches. Your aristocratic garden decor would remain incomplete without natural stone gazebos featured in royal chhatri designs. So, why book a resort, palace or hotel for your celebration? Feel like king and make you loved ones feel like queen, princes and princesses in your own lavish green garden or backyard. 

Whether you are looking for a reliable luxury home décor brand in Delhi, luxury home décor brand in Mumbai, luxury home décor brand in Kolkata, luxury home décor brand in Chennai in the principal metro cities of India. Or you wish luxury home décor brand in Bangalore, luxury home décor brand in Chandigarh, luxury home décor brand in Lucknow, luxury home décor brand in Indore, luxury home décor brand in Srinagar, luxury home décor brand in Gurgaon, luxury home décor brand in Noida, luxury home décor brand in Hyderabad, luxury home décor brand in Cochin, luxury home décor brand in Ernakulam, luxury home décor brand in Thrissur to name a few. We offer doorstep delivery across India for every order. 

Get your Package Delivered Anywhere Across India in 7 Days with Stonemart™ 

Stonemart™ provides fast packaging and shipping services in India with the assurance of the door delivery of the package within 7 working days to any part in the country. It is the time to directly rely on our own distribution channel without any delay due to excuses from third parties. So, why waste invaluable time with international packaging companies? Experience the luxury of domestic packaging with international standards in India only at Stonemart™. 

Whether you are in the need for packaging services to Maharashtra, packaging services to Uttar Pradesh, packaging services to Karnataka, packaging services to Kerala, packaging services to Punjab, packaging services to Tamil Nadu, packaging services to Assam, packaging services to Haryana, packaging services to Gujarat, packaging services to Delhi, or packaging services to Goa, once your package is in safe hands at Stonemart™, you can sit back and relax with complete peace of mind. International packaging and shipment time could vary as per the country and its sea and air route distance. 

Order State of the Art Luxury Decor to Pompous the Brand Value You Deserve 

The exclusive decor products for newly build residential or commercial properties or even for already established ones are available with doorstep shipment facility only at Stonemart™. We manufacture and export natural stone decor products that are specially hand carved by keeping in mind the due specifications of their place of installation. 

That is why at Stonemart™, you can easily explore luxury stone decor products for bungalows and mansions, luxury stone decor products for gardens, balconies and entrances, luxury villas, luxury stone decor products for farmhouses, luxury stone decor products for offices, luxury stone decor products for resorts, luxury stone decor products for hotels, luxury stone decor products for institutions, and other kinds of commercial establishments. Reach and place the order for your well established, newly built or renovated premises to redefine their stature today!