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Why Urlis Decorated and Placed in Right Way are Considered Safe for Homes?

Why Urlis Decorated and Placed in Right Way are Considered Safe for Homes?

When we look at different elements of Vastu for home and garden then natural stone urli is a decor product that is known to fulfill various attributes. When we look for Vastu tips, then we would find that there are certain Vastu rules associated with uruli placement that can help your property in a positive manner. 

The five natural elements or Pancha Bhoota are considered for the removal of the negative vibes in and around the vicinity. Water is indeed one of these five elements and it is the same element that is filled inside the urlis. Whether you are placing a stone or a natural rock urli, they are truly helpful in keeping the home safe. It helps in the removal of negative vibes as well as safeguards the vicinity against the evil eyes. The correct decoration of the urli along with the right placement would also help in the removal of bad aura as well as the influence of black magic from the concerned area. 

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Decorating and Placing the Uruli in the Correct Way 

In normal circumstances, we recommend the decoration of the urli as per the wishes, thoughts and desires of the bearer or individuals living in the vicinity. Here are some tips and ideas to decorate urlis to ensure their best utilization. 

  • Regularly change the water in the uruli and always keep fresh water in it. 
  • If you are placing it in front of a Hindu God statue then try to add some fresh flowers that are favorite to that particular deity. For instance, while placing it in front of a Ganesha statue then Gendha (Marigold) would be a good choice. While for a Buddha statue lotuses and lilies would work. 
  • Always keep the stems intact with the flowers while placing them in the urli water and do not cut them. It would keep the flowers fresh in the water in the long run. 
  • The fragrances and color combinations of different flowers can be used to make the urli bowl look more appealing.  You can always use the flowers of preference, there is no hard and fast rule regarding the choice of the flower. 
  • Both scented and unscented natural flowers can be used to decorate the urli bowl
  • Never be hesitant to use leaves as a decorate elements. Leaves can always be used as alternative decorative component. 
  • To create pleasing vibes, it is recommended to let small diyas or floating candles containing fragrance to quietly float on the surface of the urli. 
  • Adding a few drops of essential oil to the uruli water is not a bad idea at all and always helps in uplifting the mood of the surroundings. 
  • You can create a blissful fragrance in and around the place by adding a pinch of javadhu (sandal powder, Indian ecstatic herbs and floral extracts) to the water in the uruli. 
  • If you wish to add something special that can generate fragrance along with acting as an insect repellent, then consider adding camphor to the urli water. 

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Hope that the above given tips and ideas for urli decoration would help you decorate the urli like never before. Only use sandstone urlis and granite urlis for best results in terms of quality, durability and decor aesthetics.