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Top 10 Gifts that You can Give to Your Parents and Grand Parents

Top 10 Gifts that You can Give to Your Parents and Grand Parents

The role that our parents and grandparents play to make our life worthwhile and transform ourselves into a better human being is unparalleled. There are certain forms of care and affections that cannot be returned back irrespective of the fact that how much efforts we put to express the same. Yet, there are special occasions that come in our lives where we try to express to our parents and grandparents how much we actually love them. 

One of the most popular traditions is to gift them something special during birthdays and anniversaries. But most of the times we find it difficult to make the right selection. Obviously, most of our parents and grandparents refuse to tell us what they actually like. Making us do the guessing work, right? Well, here what we are sharing with you is a list of top 10 gifts for parents and grandparents. These gifts a slightly unconventional and meant to unwrap a pleasant surprise. These products not only come with style and quality but high utility for growing age people. 

Buddha Statues:

Old age is a period when our parents seek peace, solace and fearlessness. When we find ourselves overwhelmed with the blessings of our parents and grand parents, it is our duty to make sure that they get the blessings, patronage and refuge of lord Buddha with Buddha statue. Here you can particularly gift Buddha idol in abhaya mudra and Buddha idol in dhyan mudra, which would help them get peace and build confidence in life. 

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Natural Stone Fountains:

Natural stone fountains not only offer style and aesthetics to your indoor and outdoor décor set-up but also function as powerful stress busters. Buying natural stone water feature or fountain would help them listen to the cascading flow of water which is deemed rejuvenating for body, mind and soul. Let them take the responsibility of the fountains themselves. Regularly cleaning them and changing water would also keep them busy in their routine. 

Buddha Fountains:

A perfect fusion of the Buddha sculpture with water fountain, it would help your parents and grandparents get a blend of spirituality in natural settings. The Buddha fountain tank can be decorated with flowers and fishes to help your elders experience positive vibes on a daily basis. 

Natural Stone Birdbaths:

Post retirement, it is the time for you to let your parents and grandparents spend their invaluable time with the Nature. Let them seek, explore and discover. Bring home natural stone birdbaths and bird feeders from Stonemart™️ India and let them stay closer to the Nature in your garden, backyard, balcony or terrace by offering water and food to the birds. Watching birds flocking around, drinking water, having grains and playing themselves would help your elderly rejoice and travel back to their childhood days. 

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Hindu God Statues:

Most of our parents and grandparents prefer to spend their post retirement period in spirituality. What can be more benign and auspicious then gifting the natural stone idol of their favorite Hindu God. Let them delve deep into worshiping their favorite God and form their own spiritual connect. Order Shiva statue, Ganesha statue, Lakshmi Narayan statue, Lord Rama statue, Krishna statue, Hanuman statue, Saraswati statue, Sai Baba statue online, or any other custom-made Hindu god and goddesses statues with 100% authentic quality and durability from Stonemart™️.  

Abstract Sculptures:

Are you parents and grandparents lovers of abstract art. Well, what can be better than natural stone abstract sculptures exploring various uncharted themes and can last for ages to be passed from generations to generations as souvenir? Witness the most flabbergasting collection of natural stone abstract statues only at  Stonemart™️. 

Bali Stone Yoga Sculptures:

With seniority in age, it is imperative for our parents and grandparents to become more fitness and health conscious. Gift them our Bali stone Yoga statues in different Yogic mudras and convey your love and care for them. The presence of Yoga stone idols would also create a perfect ambiance to stay motivated to perform Yoga and meditation on a committed routine basis. 

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Natural Stone Planters:

Here, we can even gift stone planters to our parents and grand parents to bring them closer to the Nature while staying indoor and outdoor. Let them use their love, nurturing and caring skills to let their favorite plant grow and thrive in front of them. They can easily water these planters and can even shift them from one place to another conveniently. 

Stone Furniture:

Sandstone furniture with stylish design and elegant class. Perfectly suitable for both home and garden, their flat and comfortable base ensures that old people with hips and back problems can get a comfortable posture. You can shop for stone benches, tables and sittings from the most premium collection existing online. 

Stepping Stones:

Well, when we look from the perspective of our parents and grand parents, then we would find that colorful stepping stones are not merely meant for natural texture, design and color for our garden or yard. Walking bare feet upon stepping stones stimulate the nerves of the foot and benefit the person against various disorders including blood pressure, diabetes and brain disorders. Regular walking on natural stepping stones is extremely beneficial for our parents and grandparents during their old age. 

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So, place the order from Stonemart™️ India today. An ISO 9001:2015, CE certified largest stone manufacturer and exporter in India and overseas since 2006. It is the time to make your parents and grandparent feel really special by gifting natural stone decor products that are meant to be cherished for the lifetime.